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  • Women in Mumbai observe global week of action

    , by SHAH Nandita

    Around 300 women from working class neighbourhoods gathered in a maidan [sports field] to demand ANOTHER WORLD, a Gender Just World. They said it by flying kites! On 25th Jan. or the eve of India’s republic day, women joined the World Social Forum’s Global Week of Action by organising their own (...)

  • A personal note on the India Social Forum

    , by MEHDI Feroz

    The India Social Forum (ISF) took place in New Delhi, 9 to 13 November, 2006.
    It was a gala opening ceremony. The number of participants was right and the space was appropriate. And there was something unique. It sent a message to all Forums held so far and attempted to set a trend. The entire (...)

  • India Social Forum Turns Focus On New Issues

    , by BIDWAI Praful

    NEW DELHI, Nov 14 (IPS) - What do you call a five-day-long gathering of 50,000 people, which features more than 350 panels, conferences, seminars and workshops on a range of social, political and cultural issues, along with film festivals, musical and dramatic events, and colourful marches (...)

  • Visa denial frowned upon

    , by SUBRAMANIAN Nirupama

    LAHORE: The Pakistan Social Forum (PSF) on Friday condemned the Indian Government for denying them visas to attend the India Social Forum gathering in New Delhi.
    The Indian High Commission in Islamabad said it had issued more than 200 visas for the event, which began on Thursday and will (...)

  • Rainbow Planet at the India Social Forum

    , by Movements (India)

    Dear friend(s) Rainbow Planet is a coalition of diverse progressive groups from India working for the rights of sexuality minorities (hijras, kothis, doubledeckers, lesbians, bisexuals, gays, homosexuals, transgenders..), sexworkers (men, women and transgender) and PLHA (People Living with (...)

  • India Social Forum 2006 - Call and Update

    , by India Social Forum

    India Social Forum: Nov.9-13, CALL TO PARTICIPATE
    Dear All,
    The India Social Forum (ISF) will be held in Delhi from 9th-13th November 2006. The ISF is the third event to be organised by World Social Forum -India after the Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad (January 2003), and World Social Forum (...)

  • Update: India Social Forum 2006

    , by India Social Forum

    ACTIVITY REGISTRATION Activity registration has already begun and will end on 15th October 2006. You can register your activity on line or download activity registration form which you can send to our address below. Please visit WSF India Website for online registration or (...)

  • World Social Forum: Reflections on the Indian process

    , by ROUSSET Pierre

    The fourth World Social Forum was held in Mumbai in January 2004. Moving it from Porto Alegre to a different continent in which the social forum movement was less developed and much more disparate, and notably to the specific political situation in India, was a real challenge - successfully (...)

  • The WSF at Mumbai

    , by CONWAY Terry

    The fourth World Social Forum took place in Mumbai, India this January and its success was widely acclaimed. The previous three forums had taken place in Porto Alegre, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, at annual intervals since January 2001. Mumbai was celebrated as more diverse, (...)

  • Rendezvous at Mumbai

    , by VANAIK Achin

    The fourth World Social Forum, in the neoliberal capital of the global South. Soaring elite consumption, widening inequality and anti-Muslim pogroms of Shining India, with the New Hindu Right set for fresh electoral victory.
    There was an obvious irony in shifting the 2004 World Social Forum (...)

  • Dateline Mumbai: the 2004 World Social Forum

    , by CHENOY Kamal Mitra

    Three years on from the first World Social Forum in Brazil’s Porto Alegre, an organiser of the latest WSF in India presents his vision of the purpose of this global gathering of activists, popular movements and NGOs.
    Tens of thousands of participants, over a thousand seminars and conferences, (...)