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  • Kazakhstan: Justice for oil workers!

    , by LabourStart

    A LabourStart campaign in partnership with the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, the Confederation of Labour of Russia, and supported by the International Trade Union Confederation.
    Over a period of several months, court trials related to the tragic events in Zanaozen of 16 (...)

  • Kazakhstan : Stop police violence against strikers

    , par LabourStart

    On Friday December 16th a celebration of Independence Day in the Western Kazakhstan city of Zhanaozen ended up with violent clashes between police and protesting oil workers who have been striking since May, demanding wage increases. It has been reported that oil workers planned to have a (...)

  • Kazakhstan: Support striking oil workers!

    , by LabourStart

    Since May 2011 two towns in Western Kazakhstan have been seeing protest actions in the oil sector that still involve thousands of workers. Massive lay-offs have hit over a thousand workers, affecting their families, their children. Some of the protest action participants suffered detention, (...)