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  • Beijing Refugees and the New Displaced Class

    , by QIANG Wu

    On November 18, a fire killed 19 people in Jiugong township, in the Daxing District of Beijing. A few days later, the city government launched a mass clearance operation of “low-end people” around the city’s suburban belt. Within a week, probably more than 200,000 of the “migrant low-end population (...)

  • China’s dam frenzy

    , by CHELLANEY Brahma

    ’China remains the world’s biggest dam builder at home and abroad’
    China’s frenzied dam building recently hit a wall in Myanmar, whose bold decision to halt a controversial Chinese dam project on its territory has acted as a catalyst to a series of developments, including the first visit of a US (...)

  • China studies Marxism: twelve pro-capitalist lines

    , by PARKER Ian

    Capitalism in China is rapidly uprooting and throwing into the market-place all that seemed fixed and fast frozen since the revolution in 1949 but, as with all other forms of capitalism, this market is all but free. The bureaucracy holds in place systems of authority necessary for capital (...)

  • Cyber-war With Chinese Characteristics

    , by Correspondant(es)

    Beijing nurtures the best IT talent to boost its Net-based warring capacities
    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has added a high-tech dimension to its vaunted tradition of “democratic proletarian dictatorship:” Cyber-dictatorship. Through the 2000s, the country’s labyrinthine state-security (...)

  • Sinomania

    , by ANDERSON Perry

    When China Rules the World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World by Martin Jacques, Allen Lane, 550 pp, £30.00, June 2009, ISBN 978 0 7139 9254 0
    Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Entrepreneurship and the State by Yasheng Huang, Cambridge, 348 pp, £15.99, (...)

  • Modernizing the World’s Biggest Army

    , by BEZLOVA Antoaneta

    BEIJING — The army parade to mark the 60th anniversary of modern China’s founding this fall—a rare chance for China to flaunt its military muscle—will showcase not only the country’s newest weaponry but the modernization of its military too.
    China’s army is no longer content with military recruits (...)

  • Have China Scholars All Been Bought?

    , by HOLZ Carsten A.

    Academics who study China, which includes the author, habitually please the Chinese Communist Party, sometimes consciously, and often unconsciously. Our incentives are to conform, and we do so in numerous ways: through the research questions we ask or don’t ask, through the facts we report or (...)