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  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2014

    , by THORNS David

    November 11th
    A clear blue sky today with scattered clouds and a fresh southeasterly. Interesting skywatching all day from the Cascade with 3 HEN HARRIERS (busard St Martin) and good numbers of SKYLARKS (alouette des champs), LAPWINGS (vanneau) and GOLDEN PLOVER (pluvier doré) all moving south. (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2013

    , by THORNS David

    December 4th Pierre reports large numbers of TITS (BLUE, GREAT and a MARSH) on site, as well as 6 CHIFFCHAFFS (véloce).
    November 30th Great sighting of a LITTLE EGRET (aigrette garzette) today by Pierre - the bird flew north at 14h40.
    November 25th Pierre had 9 JACKDAWS (choucas) flying south, (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2012

    , by THORNS David

    December 9th Not much this morning apart from a group of 3 BULLFINCHES (bouvreuil); it was all pretty bird-less and quiet in the Savanna.
    Part of the reason for traipsing around there at the moment is the off-chance of finding a WOODCOCK (bécasse des bois). Ironically Roland found this one (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2011

    , by THORNS David

    This log, written by David Thorns, enters its fifth year. It will be regularily completed during the whole year. David also writes since 2008 an annual report.
    December 18th
    Another bright, crisp and sunny day. Seems like it’s a great time to find LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKERS (pic épeichette) - (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2010

    , by THORNS David

    This log, written by David Thorns, enters its fourth year. Other “recent reports” are posted in this section for (most of) 2007, 2008 and 2009. David also writes since 2008 an annual report.
    December 29th
    Pierre reported a HAWFINCH (grosbec) today. At dusk, Yves Fleury-Collet (who lives on the (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2009

    , by THORNS David

    For previous reports see:
    Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2008
    Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2007
    December 30th
    Interestingly there was another large flock of WOODPIGEONS (ramier) (200 or so) flying south late this afternoon and 2 HAWFINCHES (gros bec) flew in and landed in the trees (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2008

    , by THORNS David

    Will last year’s record-shattering total of 127 species be beaten this year?? Surely not…. [It did not.]
    Anyway, this page is devoted to recounting all the thrills and spills on the exciting quest to beat last year’s total. Yes, this is where you can find all the latest bird news from Paris’s (...)

  • Beaumonts’ Birds — Recent reports: 2007

    , by THORNS David

    Phew, now that’s all over…..and what a year it was, with 11 new species recorded for the park and a grand total of 125 species - smashing the previous best of 114 in 2005.
    The year was notable in many ways: for the exceptional spring passage of waders, for the 9 new birds recorded, for the (...)

  • Birding at Parc des Beaumonts, Montreuil

    , by THORNS David

    For a birder living in Paris or thereabouts it’s difficult to imagine a better local patch than this – a small green island thrust up above an urban landscape. The most appealing feature of the park from a birder’s point of view is its elevation, with big welcoming skies all around :– to the west, (...)