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  • International Monetary Fund: Do Not Subsidize Genocide in Sudan

    , by Girifna

    Dear Ms. Christine Largarde;
    GIRIFNA is writing to you on behalf of the majority of Sudan’s population that has been living under the rule of the National Congress Party’s (NCP) dictatorship for almost a quarter of a century.
    We noticed that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (...)

  • Sudan – A Day In Hell: testimony of Rania Mamoun

    , by MAMOUN Rania

    Rania Mamoun, an award-winning novelist was arrested in Madani with her sister and brother while protesting on September 23. They were released in the evening of September 24. This is her testimony. What happened to my brother, sister and I is not an oddity, it is aligned with the policy of (...)

  • Sudan: Rising Death Toll of Peaceful Protesters and Internet Blackout

    , by Girifna

    Sudan exploding amidst a fragile economic situation
    Sudan is experiencing a new wave of popular protests that are increasing in popularity and scope. They have so far included Wad Madani, Khartoum, Kassala, Port Sudan, Gadarif, Sinaar and Nyala. In all of these towns except Nyala, the protests (...)

  • Solidarity with the people’s revolution in Egypt

    , by SCP

    Below is the editorial of the Sudanese Communist Party’s newspaper Al Midan on the victory of the people’s revolution in Egypt. This is a “rough translation” from the original article in Arabic at
    February 13, 2011 — Congratulations to the Egyptian people for (...)

  • Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women’s clothes

    , by Correspondent(s)

    KHARTOUM - A Sudanese court on Wednesday sentenced 19 young Muslim men to 30 lashes and a fine for breaking moral codes by wearing women’s clothes and makeup, a case exposing Sudanese sensitivity towards homosexuality.
    Many of the defendants tried to hide their faces from the around 200 people (...)

  • Darfur: The crisis and the tragedy

    , by Communist Party of the Sudan

    • In the ancient history of Darfur, the existing region had been characterized by waves of migrations due to the movements of Arab and African tribes. These waves of migrations had significantly influenced the shaping of Darfur history as well as its norms, traditions and customs. (...)