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  • Hypocrisy, human rights and the Beijing games

    , by ILTIS Tony

    The Beijing Olympic games, which began on August 8, are shaping up to be a perfect reflection of our times — taking place against a backdrop of human rights abuses, terrorism scares and under a blanket of chemical smog.
    Sport, like religion, is a reflection of broader society. In a capitalist (...)

  • China’s Olympic Trials

    , by ZIRIN Dave

    “Go Red for China!” was the slogan unveiled on the Chinese mainland by Pepsi-Cola, whose ubiquitous blue can will, “for a limited time,” be red. Pepsi is just one of many companies advertising at the Olympics, at a cost of up to $6 billion, in an attempt to tap a largely untouched market of more (...)

  • No Chaos in China for the Olympic Torch

    , by JIANG Catherine, LEI Feng

    China’s promise of unfettered media coverage for the Olympics is a shaky work in progress, at least as far as its own coverage of the Olympic torch’s 21-nation promotional “Journey of Harmony” is concerned. In its global hopscotch the flame’s journey has been mostly all good news as far as the (...)

  • Open letter to the Executive Board of the IOC

    , by FIDH

    International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)
    China/Olympic Games
    Open letter to the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee
    Dear Members of the Executive Board,
    We are writing you in view of your forthcoming visit to Beijing next April. This represents an opportunity (...)

  • China’s Stand on Burma and Darfur Spurs Boycott Call

    , by Wai Moe

    As China prepares to host the Olympic Games in August, its foreign policy is coming under increasing scrutiny because of its stand on political events in Burma and human rights violations in the Darfur region of Sudan.
    A movement in favor of boycotting the Games is gathering pace, while (...)

  • Beijing and Taipei Drop the Torch

    , by O’NEILL Mark

    Politics may make it impossible for Taiwan’s athletes to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    The next victim of the delicate politics of nationalist sentiment in Taiwan may be the island’s participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    With Beijing in a constant lather over the resurgent (...)