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International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), Amsterdam.

Articles in this section

  • The IIRE 1982-2007 — III — The Second Decade

    , by DRUCKER Peter

    When I arrived in Amsterdam to work at the IIRE early in 1993, everyone at and around the institute knew that its work was bound to be affected by the big transformations in the world. But over three years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and over a year after the collapse of the Soviet Union, (...)

  • The IIRE 1982-2007 — II — The first decade

    , by ROUSSET Pierre, ROUSSET Sally

    The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) opened its doors in September 1982, in Amsterdam. Now it has left its venerable premises on Willemsparkweg, where it had become a landmark. The move and our 25th anniversary are a good opportunity to look back on the first decade of (...)

  • The IIRE 1982-2007 — I — An Introduction

    , by KIRCZ Joost

    The above contribution constitutes the “Introduction” to the special Notebook of the IIRE published on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary and the inauguration of its new building.
    On its 25th anniversary the International Institute for Research and Education is going through a real (...)

  • Report on the Institute and the International School

    , par ROUSSET Pierre

    This report was presented at the 13th World Congress of the Fourth International, in February 1991.
    I do not include in this report basic information concerning the Institute and its activities. That is provided in Newsletter Nº 0 which was distributed to all of you, (unfortunately only in (...)