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  • We can be repressed but not silence

    , by ANAM Mahfuz

    Most regrettably, the newly formed caretaker government headed by Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed seems to be headed in the direction of a confrontation with the independent media, both electronic and print. For the first time in 16 years this writer received a call from the press information officer (...)

  • Gagging the media is not the answer

    , by ANAM Mahfuz

    In a move reminiscent of the autocratic era of General Ershad, Bangabhaban yesterday issues a verbal instruction through an unidentified official of the Press Information Department (PID) to the TV news channels and the press not to print any news, pictures and cartoons and editorials (...)

  • Bangladesh Slips Into Chaos

    , by SEN Indrani

    In a Muslim-majority country with more people than Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories combined, democracy is dying a slow, tortured and obscure death.
    Bangladesh, an impoverished South Asian nation that rarely breaks out of the “world briefs” sections (...)

  • South Asia Has Stakes in Bangladesh Ballot

    , by RAMAN J. Sri

    January 10, 1972, was the day the founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, returned from his exile abroad to his country after its liberation. January 10, 2007, is the day after a three-day “bundh” (blockade) of Dhaka, the country’s capital, by an opposition led by Mujib’s daughter, (...)

  • Bangladesh: Dance of the scorpions

    , by SOBHAN Rehman

    The decision of the Grand Alliance to boycott and resist the holding of the January 22 elections to the Jatyo Sangshad has put the two alliances directly on the path of confrontation. This denouement conjures up images of two scorpions who when they fight precede their battle by a ritual (...)

  • Battle in Bangladesh for Ballot and Against Terror

    , by SRI RAMAN J.

    It is incredible, the way the world’s sole superpower can dictate election issues everywhere. Post-9/11, “terrorism” has become a major if not the most important political issue, not only in the US but in several countries, including in South Asia. Bangladesh provides an immediate instance. (...)