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  • Can carbon trading save our forests?

    , by AUSTIN Susan

    June 26, 2009 – Hobart, Tasmania — Along with over 400 other people, I turned up to the Wrest Point Casino here to attend the premiere of The Burning Season on June 1. I had the film’s headline — “As inspiring as The Inconvenient Truth was frightening” in the back of my mind, hoping for a good news (...)

  • Palm Oil’s Environmental Cost

    , by Ben BLAND

    Despite endorsement by a tame certifier, Southeast Asia’s miracle oil faces trouble.
    Just outside Danau Sentarum National Park, a large and diverse wetland area in West Kalimantan on the Indonesian side of Borneo, lumberjacks working for an Indonesia plantation company are busy felling trees (...)

  • GAIA: Activists detained in Indonesia

    , by GAIA

    Urgent: Please take action for the immediate and unconditional release of colleagues and friends Gigie, Neil, Shibu, Yuyun and Roni from the Indonesian police department where they are being detained after taking part in a local protest against incineration and for climate justice. Please (...)

  • Foreign environmental activists threatened with deportation

    , by MARDIANA Erna

    Erna Mardiana, Bandung — Three foreign environmental activists, who have been in Bandung (West Java) municipal district police detention since Sunday afternoon, have been threatened with deportation. The three foreign nationals are Maria Virginia Cruz from the Philippines, Neil Tangri from (...)

  • Indonesia: Update on the GAIA 3

    , by GAIA

    Dear all,
    As a follow up on Yuyun´s kind update on the situation of our friends Gigie Cruz, Shibu Nair and Neil Tangri, we are very relieved to let you know that the GAIA 3 left Jakarta today and they´re flying back home right now. They´re fine, despite the tiredness and stress of the whole (...)