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  • The last bite – Is the world’s food system collapsing?

    , by WILSON Bee

    The global food market fosters both scarcity and overconsumption, while imperilling the planet’s ability to produce food in the future.
    In his “Essay on the Principle of Population,” of 1798, the English parson Thomas Malthus insisted that human populations would always be “checked” (a polite word (...)

  • Entering the Tough Oil Era – The New Energy Pessimism

    , by KLARE Michael T.

    When “peak oil” theory was first widely publicized in such path breaking books as Kenneth Deffeyes’ Hubbert’s Peak (2001), Richard Heinberg’s The Party’s Over (2002), David Goodstein’s Out of Gas (2004), and Paul Robert’s The End of Oil (2004), energy industry officials and their government associates (...)

  • How the rich starved the world

    , by LYNAS Mark, MacWHIRTER Iain

    World cereal stocks are at an all-time low, food-aid programmes have run out of money and millions face starvation. Yet wealthy countries persist with plans to use grain for petrol reports Mark Lynas. Plus Iain Macwhirter on how food prices are rocketing (see below).
    The irony is (...)

  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Superstar of Poverty

    , by SKANTHAKUMAR Balasingham

    Mother Teresa’s death though somewhat overshadowed by that of Diana Windsor a few days before was nevertheless an event for much media orchestrated mourning on the passing of a living Saint. The Indian Government insisted on a state funeral with full military honours usually reserved for the (...)