Cuban Revolution

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  • Fidel dies – Reflections on the Cuban Revolution

    , by KELLAWAY Dave

    Dave Kellaway reflects.
    Dishevelled and defeated after the bloody attack on the Moncada barracks; walking free from prison into exile in a smart suit; interviewed by a US journalist in his mountaintop hideout in 1958; triumphantly marching into Havana with Che, Cienfuegos and the other young (...)

  • The Cuban revolution and Castro’s legacy

    , by MOLYNEUX John

    Millions of radicals, leftists, socialists and anti-imperialists around the world will be saddened by the announcement of the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, at the age of 90. He will, obviously, be particularly mourned in much of Latin America, Africa and other parts (...)

  • The Cuban epic – The true assessment of the revolution is particularly important at a time when so much pressure is being exerted to convert Cuba into “a normal country.”

    , by KATZ Claudio

    Release of Cuban Five opens new chapter in Cuba-US relations
    The release December 17 of the remaining three of five Cubans held for 15 years in US prisons is an historic victory for the Cuban people, their government and supporters around the world.
    Ramon Labañino, Geraldo (...)

  • Is Cuba Different?

    , by POST Charles

    Review: Cuba Since the Revolution of 1959: A Critical Assessment. By: Samuel Farber. Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books, 2011, 378 pp., $24 paper
    Since the 1930s, most of the international left has defined their “socialism” not as the uncompromising defense of working class self-organization and (...)

  • Cuba, Socialism and Democracy

    , by POST Charles

    In January 2011, members of the Participatory and Democratic Socialism Movement proposed that the Cuban Communist Party adopt its “Proposals for the Advance of Socialism in Cuba.” (“Socialism and the ’Citizens’ Demand for Another Cuba,” Pedro Campos, Havana Times, June 24, 2012) These socialist (...)

  • Cuba: The Forever Fidel Obsession

    , by LANDAU Saul

    In late September 2009, shortly after Fidel Castro and I exchanged hugs of greeting, I flashed back to my first visits to Cuba, in 1960 and 1961. In the six months I spent there, I experienced a sense of creative anarchy in which people my age (I was 24) ran government ministries and the (...)

  • Cuba: A Fifty-year Old Process

    , by CARMONA BAEZ Antonio

    Introducing “Views on Cuba”
    ON THE OCCASION of the 50th year of the Cuban revolution, the editors of Against the Current asked several contributors for brief contributions on how they view Cuban society, politics and culture today. Each statement represents the views of its author. Just as we (...)

  • On the Origins of the Cuban Revolution

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered, Samuel Farber. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2006, 212 pages, $19.95 paper.
    ONE OF THE most useful works on the Cuban Revolution has appeared with Samuel Farber’s The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered. Its succinct, (...)