21th National congress of JRCL

, by KENJI Kunitomi

Dear comrades,

Japan Revolutionary Communist League(JRCL), a permanent observer organization of Fourth International in Japan, held its 21st national congress in late March 2009. 40 delegates and observers attended the congress from all over the country.

Along with discussions on situation of capitalist crisis and task of revolutionary left, one of the main agendas of the discussion of the congress is reunification with Nationnal Council of Internationalist Workers(NCIW), another permanent observer organization of FI in Japan, in persoective of building broad anti capitalist left.

21st congress of JRCL decided in agreement with NCIW to publish its weekly organ “Kakehashi”(Bridge) as joint-edited weekly from September this year. The decision to publish co-edited weekly will be important for both organizations to step forward organizational reunification process after split in 1989, and make a joint effort for founding broad anti-capitalist left in context of brutal capitalist offensive and beginning of resistance by non-unionized workers under very precarious working condition.

Even in Japan, foundation of NPA in France have been broadly reported in mass media and attracted some of activists from various origin.
Through intervening popular reaction against crisis of capitalism, we will challenge to build mass base to seek anti-capitalist alternative in North East Asia region.

Kenji Kunitomi
secretariat bureau of JRCL

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