No Vox Declaration, 4th ESF in Athens

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, by No-Vox

This declaration was read during the General Assembly of Social Movements, on the 7th May 2006.

During this 4th ESF in Athens, the participation and visibility of the Have-Nots, of the precarious, the migrants and their grass-root movements have been strengthened.
Have-Nots from central, and eastern Europe, from the Balkans and Turkey have met and exchanged.
Nevertheless, the No-Vox network worries that the European Social Forum has become a battlefield for some political organisations. We also strongly denounce the influence of political parties within the preparation of the forum as well as during the forum itself. Very clear rules have to be set, that respect the various opinions, so that struggles and concrete actions of solidarity can converge.
We wish to stress that we support the development of the Greek social forum process so that all its components, especially social movements are able to participate, in the social forums.
We call to march against the G8 in June 2007 to denounce at an international level, the increasing precarity, the increasing inequalities, the increasing exclusion, discriminations repression and criminalization of Have-nots (undocumented migrants, those with no access to land, those without housing and the badly housed, those without income or benefits, women, youth, those in internships, the disabled...)
We demand a real and concrete wealth redistribution and we call for new social rights such as the freedom of movement and settlement, the right to a universal guaranteed income for all, the right to housing, to land, the right to live in a world of solidarity, the right to a clean and safe environment for future generations.

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