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Presentation of APWSL-Japan Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links

, by APWSL

We are reproducing here the self-presentation of APWSL-Japan, taken from their website as of July 12, 2005.

What is APWSL?

APWSL stands for Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links. It is an independent, grassroots network of trade unionists and labor activists in the Asia-Pacific region. Its purpose is to facilitate and promote genuine trade unionism in the countries of the region and international links between them. APWSL country chapters are independent of any government or political party. Their activities include planning and hosting workers` exchange programs and publicizing appeals for support in labor struggles throughout the region

About APWSL-Japan

In the 1980s, Japanese companies increasingly transferred production overseas, particularly to Asian countries, and foreign workers started streaming in from all over the world. As a consequence, the number of appeals for support for workers engaged in struggles with Japanese multinational corporations (MNCs) overseas and for foreign workers in Japan increased dramatically, including numerous invitations to attend or speak at international conferences.

In 1989, the 4th APWSL General Meeting was held in Tokyo and Osaka. After that, an APWSL-Japan Steering Committee was formally established on June 30, 1990. Every year since then, a national General Meeting has been held in July. At present, about 30 groups and 80 individuals are members of APWSL-Japan. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in the Tokyo and Osaka areas.*

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