Urgent call for support to the homeless people of Nagai Park

, by Movements

The Osaka city government announced the eviction of homeless people of Nagai Park for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics which will be held in August. Evacuation will take place on 5th February.

In Osaka, more than 700 homeless people are living in parks. Main reason of their homelessness is unemployment after the Japanese economic recession during the 1990s. But the government reduced the social welfare for vulnerable people such a dramatical way that many young people and single mothers are becoming homeless.

Faced with the eviction in 5 February, we call for suspension of the eviction procedure, negociation with homeless people.

1) Please send protest to the Osaka city. Junichi Seki (Mayor of Osaka City)
Fax: +81-6-6206-9999

2) Please send protest to Park Office of Osaka city
Fax: +81-6-6615-0659

Send also your signatures to: contact novox.ras.eu.org

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