Italy and WSF 2008: Arci in action

, by Arci

146: the events organized by Arci in Italy and in the world
for the Global Day of Action promoted by the World Social Forum.

Arci is organising 146 events in Italy and the world on the Global Day of Action promoted by the Wsf.

An incredible effort by the local structures, clubs, and territorial committees of the largest Italian non profit organisation.

Arci has fully supported the choice of this edition of the 2008 World Social Forum, not one single Forum in one country, but a myriad of events all over the world, to give visibility and let the local movements take the lead. Those same movements that everyday , in their own countries, with their actions contribute to making another world possible.

On the whole world answering the WSF call, millions of people will be the protagonists of this day, creating, ideally united, an extraordinary event. Extraordinary are the number of participants, the geographical extension, and the thematic articulation.

Today we can say it is a winning bet, let’s look at the numbers: 80 countries in five continents have answered the call of the Forum around 1000 actions scheduled: the whole world in movement.

In Italy there are already more than 300 events and of those many are promoted by Arci, or in which Arci is committed together with other movements and organizations.

In Aosta, in Torino, in Collegno, In Biella, in Milan, in Arcore, in Lecco, in Osnago, in Verderio Inferiore, in Como, in Cremona, in Trento, in Nomi, in Cles, in Padova, in Rovigo, in Verona, in Udine, in Pordenone, in Genova, in La Spezia, in Imperia, ad Alassio, in Leggino, in Lera, Savona, in Modena, in Firenze, in Settignano, in Fiesole, in Le Sieci, in Bagno in Ripoli, in Signa, in Caselle Vicchio, in Compiobbi, in Candeli, in Sesto Fiorentino, in Prato, in Siena, in Castelnuovo Berardenga, in Colle Val d’Elsa, in Poggibonsi, in Monteroni d’Arbia, in Lucca, in Capannoni, in Grosseto, in Macerata, in Pesaro, in Roma, in Viterbo, in Perugia, in L’Aquila, in Sulmona, in Raiano, in Fossa, in Vasto, in Lanciano, in Napoli, in Nocera Inferiore, in Foggia, in Taranto, in Crispiano, in Barletta, in Mola di Bari, in Cagliari, in Quartucciu, in Sestu, in Nuoro, in Sassari, in Catania, ad Acireale, in Palermo, in Siracusa, in Agrigento the local Arci are organising debates, film showings, parties, theatre performances, concerts, solidarity bicycle races, signature collections against the building of the new military base in Vicenza and for the proposition “A Future without atomics”, “No War” festivals, picture exhibitions, ...

In many cities there are more than one event and some are taking place in the days before and after the 26th.

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