Press release

International Campaign for Common Welfare 2008 - 2009

Miljöförbundet Jordens Vänner/Friends of the Earth Sweden and Nordbruk/Via
Campesina Sweden invites, on 26th of January 2008, the Global Day of Action called by World Social
Forum, other popular movements in the Nordic countries to participate in a
joint campaigning for common welfare, against privatisation, war and
environmental destruction. The aim of the campaign is to unite all popular
movements that sees it as important to put forward common political demands
in a time when neoliberal forces continue their offensive to turn the public
sector and environment into commodities in the Nordic countries and the
world. A political force that also promotees war, occupation and authorian
forms of governance built on undemocratic domination by experts.

We plan to start on the 17th of April on the International day of peasant’s
struggle. The day is called by the international peasant movement La Via
Campesina to commemorate the massacre of 19 farm workers and peasants killed
by police in Eldorado do Carajas in Amazonia while they were occupying a
road to demand land reform. Before the massacre the chairman of Friends of
the Earth Sweden visited Eldorado do Carajas to support trade union struggle
for human rights in the region. Afterwards a preplanned Euro-Amazonian tour
from Spain to Sweden was organised by Friends of the Earth Sweden and the
rubber tapper union in Amazonia to protect human rights and stop the
killings in Amazonia.

Next step is popular education and participation in the European Social
Forum in Malmö 17-21st of September in Malmö and the World Social Forum in
Amazonia in January 2009. Friends of the Earth Sweden invites to Malmö
active people and representatives from their sister organisations with 2
million mebers internationally and Via Campesina Sweden its sister
organisations with many more million members in total in the world. Through
the campaign we wish to improve cooperation with other trade union,
environmental, antiracist, peace, women’s, indigenous, solidarity, rural,
urban, cultural and other movements to organise common activities at social
forums to strengthen popular movements basic work in daily life against

The last step is to pursue common demands during the Swedish EU-presidency
in the autumn 2009 and the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in december 2009.

All popular movements in the Nordic countries are invited to a meeting to
prepare the campaign 2nd of March in Gothenburg. The type of common demands
put forward by Friends of the Earth and Via Campesina Sweden are linked to
issues like yes to common welfare - no to privatisation, yes to peace - not
to war and occupation, yes to food sovereignity and fair trade, yes to
sustainable planning of society - reduce emmissions of green house gases and
stop deforestation.

We look forward to cooperation with all popular movments who sees it as
important to jointly stop the neoliberal forces and work for democratic

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