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  • A Review: Lenin, Election and Revolution

    , by MORRISON Derrick

    Lenin’s Electoral Strategy from Marx and Engels Through the Revolution of 1905. The Ballot, the Streets — or Both. By August H. Nimtz. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 244 pages, $100 hardcover.
    Lenin’s Electoral Strategy from 1907 to the October Revolution of 1917. The Ballot, the Streets — or Both. By (...)

  • The Enduring Value of Lenin’s Political Thought

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    Today’s remarkable period of world capitalist crisis and global insurgency is causing a growing number of activists to move in revolutionary directions – creating exciting opportunities to help more and more of the rising generation connect with the resources of revolutionary Marxism, vibrantly (...)

  • Revolutionary Method in the Study of Lenin

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    Amid a continuing crisis of capitalism, the renaissance of Lenin studies – what I once referred to as “Lenin’s return” – continues. Aspects of this find reflection in new books, new articles, symposiums and debates as we attempt to clarify the actuality of Lenin’s thought and example, and (for some (...)

  • Mangling the party: Tony Cliff’s Lenin

    , by BINH Pham

    The following is dedicated to anyone and everyone has sacrificed in the name of “building the revolutionary party.”
    January 24, 2012 – Submitted to Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Tony Cliff’s Lenin: Building the Party published in 1975 was the first book-length political (...)

  • Lenin Reconsidered

    , by POST Charles

    Lenin Reconsidered: Review of Lars T. Lih, Lenin (London: Reaktion Press, 2011), 240 pages, $16.95.
    Few historical figures on the international revolutionary left have been the subject of as much historical myth-making as Lenin.
    Born VI Ulyanov in 1870, the son of a liberal Tsarist (...)

  • Lenin and us – Into the past, back to the future

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    I will never forget, as the twentieth century trudged through its final decade, a once-close comrade telling me and others that developments of our time had consigned the Leninist conception of the party to “the dustbin of history.” Yet its dusty tracks may be something we will discover as we (...)

  • Lenin’s Marxism

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    At the 2011 Left Forum, held at Pace University in NYC between March 18–21 , Platypus hosted a conversation on “Lenin’s Marxism.” Panelists Chris Cutrone of Platypus, Paul Le Blanc of the International Socialist Organization, and Lars T. Lih the author of Lenin Reconsidered: “What is to be Done” in (...)

  • Lenin’s Return?

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    This was the opening presentation at a lively session of the Left Forum, in New York City, March 14-17, 2008 whose overall title was “Lenin’s Return?” – other presentations being given by Lars Lih on “Lenin and Kautsky,” by Professor Helen C. Scott on “Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg,” and by Professor (...)

  • Lenin and the Challenge of Revolutionary Democracy

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    The Marxism of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin represents a powerful force for political freedom and genuine democracy. Yet it gave way to the murderous bureaucratic tyranny associated with Joseph Stalin. Adherents of Stalinism, perhaps wishing to see the promising beginnings of socialism in that (...)

  • Paul Le Blanc’s Lenin and the Revolutionary Party

    , by LÖWY Michael

    Lenin and the Revolutionary Party by, Paul Le Blanc. Introduction by Ernest Mandel. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1989. 364 pp. $60.
    There is no lack of books about Lenin, but this is the first attempt at a precise historical reconstruction of his organizational thought: (...)