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  • The International Context of Global Outrage

    , by TOUSSAINT Éric

    Looking back on the movements that preceded the Arab Spring, the Indignados, and Occupy Wall Street
    In 2011, social and political rebellion has re-emerged in the streets and on squares all over the world. It has appeared in new forms and been given new names: the Arab Spring, the Indignados, (...)

  • Bankers are the dictators of the West

    , by FISK Robert

    Writing from the very region that produces more clichés per square foot than any other “story” – the Middle East – I should perhaps pause before I say I have never read so much garbage, so much utter drivel, as I have about the world financial crisis.
    But I will not hold my fire. It seems to me (...)

  • Occupy first. Demands come later

    , by ZIZEK Slavoj

    Critics say the Occupy cause is nebulous. Protesters will need to address what comes next – but beware a debate on enemy turf.
    What to do after the occupations of Wall Street and beyond – the protests that started far away, reached the centre and are now, reinforced, rolling back around the (...)

  • 15-O: Global Indignation

    , by ANTENTAS Josep Maria, VIVAS Esther

    The 15th of October (15O) was the first coordinated global response to the crisis, signifying the emergence of a new international movement. Initially inspired by revolutions in North Africa, through emulation and imitation, protests began in the periphery of Europe. The Mediterranean world (...)

  • 15 October 2011: a great victory for the Outraged

    , by TOUSSAINT Éric

    Since February 2003, this is the first time a call for an international action on a specific date has met with such an echo. In Spain, where the Indignados movement began, almost 500 000 demonstrators marched through the streets of around 80 different cities, including 200 000 or more in Madrid (...)