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  • Algeria: The 2017 finance law, a new economic model?

    , by SAD-EDDINE Mahdi

    A former dignitary of the Algerian regime argues that, since the death of Boumediene, the government has tried to create a social base by developing “corruption and widespread consumption”
    A populist rentier regime
    There is, he said, “a division of the economic system, by a logic of corruption (...)

  • Algeria: A president and system without opposition?

    , by DJERMOUNE Nadir

    Some months away from the presidential elections, Algeria has a sick head of state, a political class which is clinging to the actions of the president and a people which has rediscovered its pride through its national football teal qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil. Is there anyting more? (...)

  • Take action to end violations of trade union rights in Algeria

    , by ITUC, IUF, PSI

    The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Public Services International (PSI), the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF), the Comité International de Soutien au Syndicalisme Autonome Algérien/CISA (...)

  • Algeria: Barbacha boils over

    , by KRIVINE Alain

    Crédit Photo: Photothèque Rouge/DR
    The commune of Barbacha (with around 30,000 inhabitants) near Béjaïa was the only one in Algeria led by a mayor from the Parti socialiste des travailleurs (PST – Socialist Workers’ Party), our comrade Sadeq Akrour. During the municipal elections of November 2012, (...)

  • Human Rights Activist, IUF representative in Algeria abducted

    , by IUF

    On 1 October, Algerian IUF representative and human rights activist Yacine Zaïd was picked up off the street in Hassi Messaoud in the Ouargla province by unidentified men in a white Nissan 4x4 vehicle and has not been seen since. His location at this time is unknown. Zaïd had earlier been beaten (...)

  • Algeria : Declaration on parliamentary elections

    , par PST (Algeria)

    Despite an unprecedented campaign calling for a massive turnout in the Algerian parliamentary elections of May 10, 2012, the official results only show a rate of participation of 42%, or 6% more than the 2007 elections. Presented as a rerun of November 1, 1954 or as another July 5, 1962, the (...)

  • Algeria: The PST in the legislative campaign

    , by KEBCI M., MECHAI Hamida, RAFA Amar

    The following three articles are reports which appeared in the Algerian press of a press conference held by the Socialist Workers’ Party (PST, Algerian section of the Fourth International) during the campaign for the May 10 legislative elections The PST recognizes that “citizens are not (...)

  • The Long Shadow of Algeria on the Arab Autumn

    , by PORTER David

    While Tunisia had its first post-“revolution” election on October 23rd and Egypt will follow on November 28th, an infamous, but relevant, date in Algerian history is also rapidly approaching. January 11th will be the 20th anniversary of the military coup that cancelled elections and Algeria’s (...)

  • Unrest In Algeria: The Window is Closing Fast

    , by GHETTAS Lakhdar

    “Algeria is ‘sitting on a volcano’.” We will continue to sift for opportunities to support reform, and should be prepared to offer our frank but private opinion of Algeria’s progress along the way”. This was how David Pearce, the former U.S. ambassador to Algiers, concluded his report to the (...)

  • Algeria: Another policy is possible!

    , by PST (Algeria)

    Statement by the PST
    Bouteflika has announced a small step backwards on his authoritarian course. The formidable mobilizations of students and youth, the massive strikes, the revolts of those in precarious employment and the unemployed, our struggles have forced Bouteflika to promise to (...)

  • The road from Sidi Bouzid to Algiers

    , by BENNOUNE Karima

    ALGIERS – Straight from a visit to revolutionary Tunisia next door, I returned to Algiers a month after observing the first marches organized here by the National Coordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD) in mid-February . As the season turns meteorologically, I wanted to see if the North (...)

  • Algeria’s long haul towards liberty

    , by BENNOUNE Karima

    Though hugely outnumbered by President Bouteflika’s riot police, Saturday’s courageous demonstrators were undaunted.
    Some 2,000 demonstrators again challenged the ban on protests in Algiers on Saturday. “On a marre de ce pouvoir” (we have had enough of this government!), they cried. An older man (...)

  • Yesterday Egypt, today Algeria

    , by BENNOUNE Karima

    “Yesterday Egypt, today Algeria”. This was the slogan of the brave protesters in Algiers on Saturday, making the first breach in Algeria’s wall of fear.
    Algiers – In the wake of Friday’s historic events in Cairo, over 1,000 peaceful demonstrators defied a ban on protests in Algiers on the Place de (...)

  • Algeria: Youth revolt shakes authoritarian order

    , by SALHI Chawki

    After a week, the riotous fires burnt out, leaving a feeling of bitterness, a taste of ashes. But the national scope of the revolts and the virtually total paralysis that resulted shook the existing authoritarian order and opened the possibility of qualitative changes in the political (...)