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  • Irrawaddy: Lawlessness and disorder in Burma

    , by Kyaw Zwa Moe

    A man in Rangoon quarreled with his wife. Local authorities arrived and took the man into custody. The following morning, he was dead.
    This may sound hard to believe, but it happened last Sunday in Rangoon’s North Okkalapa Township.
    Naing Oo was arrested by authorities -including members of (...)

  • Worldwide protests against Salween Dams in Burma

    , by Salween Watch

    On February 28, 2007, 19 cities worldwide expressed solidarity in opposing the planned Salween Dams. Protests in front of Thai embassies/consulates were held in a number of cities, including Washington DC, Sydney, New Delhi, Essen, Paris, Jakarta, Auckland, and Manila, where a petition letter (...)

  • Dams on Salween Threaten Indigenous Groups

    , by MACAN-MAKAR Marwaan

    BANGKOK, Feb 28 (IPS) - Being a village headman means little if you live in a community nestling in the hills close to Thailand’s northern border with Burma. More so, if officials have plans to use your village for a large ’development’ project.
    That is the lesson Nu Chamnayakiriprai continues to (...)

  • India and Burma: Such Good Friends

    , by THAKURIA Nava

    Driven by the growing need for energy, both India and China are throwing money and development projects at Burma’s junta.
    Burma may be a pariah in the eyes of most of the world but India appears determined to enhance its strategic relationship with the country to avoid conceding ground to (...)

  • What to do about Burma

    , by Thant Myint-U

    There is an enduring myth that in 1948, when it achieved independence from Britain, Burma was a rich country with every reason to expect a bright future and that the policies and practices of the military government are alone to blame for today’s miseries. It is beyond dispute that many of (...)

  • Burma’s Generals on a Buying Spree

    , by FULLBROOK David

    Fueled by the sale of energy and timber, a pariah nation seeks weapons to keep its enslaved people in line.
    Locked into a bunker mentality, believing Burma is under siege from insurgents, determined to hold onto power and fueled by profits from looting its forests and fossil fuel energy (...)

  • Migrant and Refugee Aid Agencies Refuse Total’s Money

    , by Khun Sam

    Two non-government groups working with Burmese migrants and refugees in Thailand have declined a US $6.12 million package offered by French oil giant Total.
    The NGOs say they refused the money because of Total’s business dealings with the Burmese military regime and its alleged involvement in (...)

  • Engaging Burma: The ASEAN Experience

    , by AGUJA Mario “Mayong”

    Speach delivered by Akbayan Representative Mario Aguja at the Hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Burma, Danish Parliament, 6 April 2006
    Mr. Chairperson, fellow parliamentarians, ladies and gentlemen:
    Allow me to express my gratitude for this opportunity to share with you my hopes for (...)

  • Irrawaddy: A downward spiral

    , by KRAMER Tom

    United Wa State Army chairman Bao Yuxiang said on June 24, after proclaiming Special Region 2 a ‘drugs source free zone’: “How are the farmers going to survive after the poppy ban? This is the big question that every level of local authorities encounters.” He added: “The lives of the people will (...)

  • Irrawaddy: The Bonfire of the Vanities

    , by MATHIESON David Scott

    What do opposing academic views on Burma achieve?
    Academics are so capable of thinking and writing oddly on occasion that it’s a wonder people take them seriously. They just research people or events, develop ideas, write them down or talk about them. That’s all. Why then are their views so (...)

  • Introduction to the Online Burma/Myanmar Library

    , by ARNOTT David

    Self-presentation of the library taken from its website.
    The Online Burma/Myanmar Library is a database which functions as an annotated, classified and hyperlinked index to full texts of individual Burma documents on the Internet. It also houses a growing collection of articles, conference (...)