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  • On the Release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from Detention

    , by Akbayan

    Akbayan party joins the international community particularly the Burmese people in rejoicing over the release of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi after almost two decades of imprisonment by the ruling Burmese military junta. This important democratic gain while partial is an important (...)

  • Ethnic Armed Groups in Alliance Talks

    , by Ko Htwe, Lawi Weng

    Leaders of ethnic armed groups are meeting in Mae Hong Son in northwest Thailand to work out strategy and tactics in the event of a post-election attack by Burma’s military government that would end the 20-year cease-fire with the ethnic groups. The meeting started on Tuesday, according to (...)

  • PM’s Opponent Injured in Suspicious Incident

    , by The Irrawaddy

    The lone candidate challenging Burma’s Prime Minister Thein Sein, the chairman of the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), for parliament in his Zabbu Thiri Township constituency in Naypyidaw was allegedly injured in a suspicious motorcycle incident on Oct. 29.
    The (...)

  • Confusion and Fear Mark Burma’s Polls

    , by Ba Kaung

    Burma’s controversial election, its first in twenty years, is now at the doorstep. This is not a typical election, and the most important decision the Burmese public must make on Sunday is not which party to vote for, but whether or not to vote at all. That decision will apparently be made in an (...)

  • Is change possible in Burma?

    , by SABAI Danielle

    In Burma, more than twenty years have passed since the last election on May 27, 1990. The military junta refused to recognize the outcome of the elections, won overwhelmingly by the National League for Democracy (NLD) party formed two years earlier by the Burmese oppositionist Aung San Suu Kyi. (...)

  • Burma’s Ethnic Minorities Prepare for War

    , by GRAY Denis D.

    CHIANG MAI, Thailand — As military-ruled Burma prepares for its first election in two decades, some of its powerful ethnic minority groups are preparing for war.
    Several are boycotting Sunday’s vote, which they see as a step toward shattering their long-held dream of semi-autonomy under a (...)

  • Don’t Legitimize Burma’s Elections

    , par Ashin Issariya

    The government that emerges after Nov. 7 will be no less corrupt and unlawful than the present one.
    All actions are based on intentions. For instance, the goal of monks is to bring peace and kindness to the people, and so Burmese trust their actions. In contrast, when the military regime says (...)

  • After Burma Poll, Conflict Looms

    , by STRANGIO Sebastian

    Burma’s history is marked by insurgencies and ethnic tension. Next month’s poll could see them bubble over into armed conflict.
    MAE LA CAMP, THAILAND—Aside from the checkpoints, it could be any village in Thailand. The bamboo houses, bisected by dirt lanes and picturesque streams, are well-tended (...)

  • Burma: Alcatel in troubled waters

    , by SABAI Danielle

    A documentary directed by journalist Paul Moreira reveals that the Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Bell, a company of the US-French multinational Alcatel-Lucent specializing in communication technologies, has helped the military junta in Burma to create a telecommunications and internet network. (...)

  • Ethnic Leaders Respond to NLD’s Election Decision

    , by The Irrawaddy

    The National League for Democracy (NLD) made a historic decision to reject the registration of the party and not contest the junta-organized Burmese election sometime this year. The NLD could be dissolved after May 7, according to the Political Parties Registration Law recently enacted by the (...)

  • Rohingya to Form Political Party, Contest Elections

    , by Saw Yan Naing

    The Rohingya, the Muslim minority living primarily in Burma’s western Arakan State, will form a political party and contest the upcoming elections although most Rohingya are not currently Burmese citizens, according to sources close to prominent members of the Rohingya community.
    “They [the (...)

  • USDA transformed to political party

    , by Kyaw Kha

    The much anticipated transformation of the junta backed Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) into a political party, has come through. It will contest the 2010 general elections under the same nomenclature.
    The information was disclosed by a high ranking party official.
    The (...)

  • Selling Off The State Silver

    , by Ba Kaung

    Since late last year, a wave of privatization news in Burma has hit the headlines of local journals and exiled news Web sites. The latest unofficial word coming out of Naypyidaw is that the junta has ordered most state enterprises to be privatized before the 2009-10 fiscal year ends on March (...)

  • Myanmar takes a democratic step

    , by JAGAN Larry

    As Myanmar prepares for its first elections in 20 years, uncertainty surrounding the promised democratic transition has crippled the workings of government and raised tensions inside the armed forces. While many analysts view the highly anticipated polls as mainly a one-horse race, there is (...)

  • Burma’s generals prepare rigged election

    , by Win Padauk Wah Han

    Burma’s military government, the so-called State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), is planning to hold elections some time in 2010, on yet-to-be-announced date. This follows approval of a new constitution amid chaos following the deadly Nargis cyclone in 2008. The SPDC has already done a (...)

  • Rapping at the Burmese Junta

    , by SPENDER Tom

    The chain-link gate slides open to reveal a group of young shaven-headed Burmese men and two girls sitting outside a house in Mae Sot, a scruffy town on the Thai side of the Thai-Burmese border.
    All are members of Generation Wave, an underground group dedicated to overthrowing the repressive (...)