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  • BIG Coalition Namibia

    , by BIG Coalition

    The proposal for a Basic Income Grant in Namibia was made in 2002 by the Namibian Tax Consortium (NAMTAX), a government appointed commission. The consortium made the proposal for a Basic Income Grant in light of the high poverty levels and the unequal distribution of income (income inequality) (...)

  • A radical introduction to Namibia’s unequal territory

    , by DELGADO Guillermo

    Namibia is the least populated country in the planet, and yet one often hears among working class and increasingly middle class groups that one of the biggest challenges in the country is ‘the land issue’. Debates on the land issue after Namibia’s independence in 1990 revolved solely around (...)

  • Lutheran churches call for Basic Income Grant in Namibia

    , by DIERGAARDT Wilfred

    In this press statement from 2014, Namibia’s Basic Income Grant (BIG) coalition of churches and CSOs explained the success of their pilot project in Otjivero and repeated the call of the three major Lutheran churches to implement a national BIG.
    At the recent visit of the UN General Secretary (...)

  • BRICS in Africa: Chinese merchant gateways for ivory and rhino horns

    Namibia has enjoyed a good reputation for its nature conservation, but there is evidence the illegal trade in wildlife products is taking off. In the remote Zambezi region of Southern Africa, where Namibia shares international borders with Angola, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, geography and (...)