Marxist Theory

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  • Theory – Compass Points: Towards a Socialist Alternative

    , by WRIGHT Erik Olin

    Can emancipatory social science provide a framework for rethinking paths forward from capitalism? Erik Olin Wright on the navigational tools that might orient a route towards a non-statist socialism; and on the necessary preconditions for transformative theory.
    Throughout most of the twentieth (...)

  • Why Marxism?

    , by SINGER Daniel

    Just before I left Paris I got a book from Michael Lowy with a new preface and a quotation I want to share with you. It said “Marx is definitely dead for humankind.” Come on Daniel, you will object, did you have to travel all the way to give us that tripe we can get here for a penny a dozen! But (...)

  • Marx & Marxist Theory: Historical Materialism

    , by MANDEL Ernest

    Outside his specific economic theories, Marx’s main contribution to the social sciences has been his theory of historical materialism. Its starting point is anthropological. Human beings cannot survive without social organisation.
    Social organisation is based upon social labour and social (...)