Ernest Mandel

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  • A systematic biography of Ernest Mandel

    , by LÖWY Michael

    A review of Jan Willem Stutje, “Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred”, London 2009, Verso, (translated by Christopher Beck and Peter Drucker), 392 pages.
    This is the first systematic biography of the main leader and theorist of the Fourth International after 1945, who was, as noted by Tariq (...)

  • A Mandel for All Seasons

    , by WALD Alan

    Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred By Jan Willem Stutje Translated by Christopher Beck & Peter Drucker. London: Verso, 2009, 392 pages, $25 hardback.
    THE GERMAN NEW Left activist Rudi Dutshcke declared just prior to his death in 1979 that his friend Ernest Mandel “continues to surprise (...)

  • Ernest Mandel – Destiny of a Revolutionary

    , by HEARSE Phil

    Phil Hearse reviews ‘Ernest Mandel – A Rebel’s Dream Deferred’ by Jan Willem Stutje (Verso 2009).
    Jan Willem Stutje has taken on an enormous task in writing this biography, and probably an impossible one. To evaluate Ernest Mandel means evaluating the revolutionary left in the second half of the (...)

  • Ernest Mandel and the Marxian Theory of Bureaucracy

    , by POST Charles

    The emergence and growth of bureaucracy, the non-propertied officialdom of various organizations, over the last two hundred years has been the subject of considerable discussion among social scientists. Conventional, bourgeois sociology argues that bureau¬cratic hierarchies are an unavoidable (...)

  • The actuality of Ernest Mandel

    , by ACHCAR Gilbert

    Ernest Mandel died on the 20th of July 1995, in the middle of the last decade of the 20th century. This was a time of ebb for the world Marxist movement: the neoliberal offensive of global capitalism was so pervasive that, even though they owed their election to a backlash against its effects, (...)

  • In Memoriam Tribute To Ernest Mandel

    , by FRANK Andre Gunder

    We have lost not only a most humane human being, but the world’s greatest optimist. I don’t know which is the greater loss, but perhaps there was an intimate connection of humane optimism and/or optimistic humanism; and, if so, the world’s loss is multiplied and all the greater. Not only shall we (...)

  • Ernest Mandel: Capitalism’s Optimistic Critic

    , by ALI Tariq

    Ernest Mandel, who has died in Brussels aged 72, was one of the most creative and independent-minded revolutionary Marxist thinkers of the post-war world. His writings on political theory, world history and Marxist economics were translated into 30 languages and in every continent. In a (...)