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  • Protest in the face of Syria’s tanks

    , by RUDER Eric

    Eric Ruder looks at the Syrian government’s latest effort to crush the popular revolt amid a widening revolt.
    THE REGIME of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is carrying out a bloody offensive against the four-month-old popular uprising in the hopes of dealing it a lethal blow at the beginning (...)

  • Syria waits for Ramadan

    , by GRESH Alain

    In August it is Ramadan and every day is like Friday — demonstration day for the population of Syria’s cities, not least those of Hama who have already endured one major army attack since the year’s protests began, and are expecting more.
    Hama is not all of Syria. This town of 500,000 people has (...)

  • Syria: One hundred days of struggle

    , by HABASH Khalil

    A general strike and continued street demonstrations marked the passing of one hundred days of protest and repression in Syria. Khalil Habash writes on the popular protest movement for democracy, social justice and against imperialism
    The Syrian uprising has exceeded 100 days. Despite harsh (...)

  • Syria: Internal Popular Demands, External Political Agendas

    , by IBRAHIM Nasser

    The Syrian people demand democratic change, but are western powers intervening to promote such a change? The context of Syrian policies supporting Arab resistance must be understood as the framework and motivation of current western intervention, and not a true desire to promote Syrian (...)

  • Syria between repression and revolution

    , by KHALIL Yusef, SUSTAR Lee

    Yusef Khalil and Lee Sustar analyze the latest phase of the upsurge in Syria.
    ARMY CHECKPOINTS, tanks, live ammunition and mass arrests failed stop the spread of Syria’s popular revolt to more cities following Friday prayers on May 6, highlighting the widening social base of the uprising (...)

  • Repression and defiance in Assad’s Syria

    , by KHALIL Yusef

    Yusef Khalil reports on the groundswell of protests that have swept across Syria—and the savage crackdown of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
    BRAVING A heavy security presence and roadblocks leading into cities and towns, tens of thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the (...)

  • Syria and Asad’s Lost Chances

    , by WIELAND Carsten

    On January 31, the Wall Street Journal printed words that Bashar al-Asad must wince to recall. In an interview with the newspaper, the Syrian president said that Arab rulers would need to move faster to accommodate the rising political and economic aspirations of Arab peoples. “If you didn’t see (...)

  • Syria reaches the boiling point

    , by BOYETTE Jeffrey, HAMOUI Khaled, SUSTAR Lee

    Khaled Hamoui, Jeffrey Boyette and Lee Sustar report on the uprising in Syria.
    A POPULAR rebellion is shaking the regime of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad—and highlighting the hypocrisy of U.S. policy in the region.
    After the protests of recent weeks spread further following Friday prayers on (...)

  • Syria: What Reforms While a Storm is Building?

    , by EL AITA Samir

    Syria underwent profound changes since 2005 in its regional and international positioning, as well as in its internal political situation. This policy brief discusses the domestic prospects for change and the potential for reforms and analyzes the impact of regional and international (...)