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  • Anti-Roma Riots in the Heart of Bulgaria: Racists against Inequality?

    , by KRASTEV Stefan

    In the “Offenders in Gabrovo!” Facebook group, natives of the eponymous Central Bulgarian town comment upon all sorts of irregularities: they lambaste the owner of a car parked on the wrong side of the street, mobilize to replace a broken lamp post, ridicule the municipality’s failed street disinfection campaign, announce a lost set of keys, and criticize irregular public transportation. With more than 25 (...)

  • Neo-fascist violence keeps Roma out of Rome neighbourhood

    , by TONDO Lorenzo

    City council appears to capitulate after protesters set cars on fire and destroy food
    Hundreds of neo-fascists, far-right activists and local residents took to the streets of a Rome suburb on Tuesday in a violent protest against 70 Roma people, including 33 children and 22 women, who were to (...)