Human Rights & religious violence (Pakistan)

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See also the section: “Patriarchy, fundamentalism, women” and the section “human rights”.

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  • Pakistan: Protection for minorities

    , by Dawn (Pakistan)

    THERE is an urgent need to take seriously the threats being hurled at the Christian community in Peshawar. On Friday, members of the community met the police chief and told him about the threatening letters they had received, asking them to convert to Islam in 10 days or face dire (...)

  • Call to murder must not go unpunished

    , by HRCP

    LAHORE: HRCP has been shocked to receive a copy of a horrifying Fatwa’ (edict) issued by a cleric in the Darra Adam Khel area of the NWFP and has written to the interior minister asking him to do his duties.
    The edict labels international organizations, including those falling under the (...)

  • Pakistan NWFP: NGOs under threat

    , by Dawn (Pakistan)

    IT should come as no surprise that clerics in Mansehra have asked NGOs to sack their female employees by July 30 or face being forcibly stopped from working in their area. It is no secret that right-wing elements in the country, particularly the religious ones, see NGOs as foreign-funded (...)

  • Minorities and women continue to suffer in Pakistan: AI

    , by Daily Times (Pakistan)

    Amnesty International’s annual report says 72 charged under blasphemy laws, many ‘disappear’ on suspicion of being terrorists.
    Staff Report
    LAHORE: The government of Pakistan has failed to protect religious minorities and women, according to the Amnesty International’s annual report for 2005. (...)

  • Where Christianity faces a fight to survive

    , by WILKINSON Isambard

    Mingora, A recent convert from Christianity to Islam, Bashir Masi knew nothing of his new faith. He could not describe a single tenet of Islam, nor remember the Qalma, the Muslim declaration of faith, nor name his own children, who have adopted Muslim names. He, his wife Amna and their (...)

  • Rare attack on Pakistan Ahmadis

    , by KHAN Aamer Ahmed

    The attack on an Ahmadiyya place of worship has taken most Pakistani observers by surprise - there was no build up to it as is the case in most instances of sectarian violence.
    The Friday attack followed a long period of relative peace for the Ahmadis through most of the 1990s, despite (...)