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  • In Peru, protests against Tia Maria mine continue

    , by Telesur

    For Peruvian anti-mining protesters, the President’s political inaction reveals who truly governs the country.
    Farmers and labor unions marched in the southern Peruvian district of Cocachacra on Saturday May 16 to continue the ongoing fight to shut down Tía María, a controversial mining project (...)

  • Solidarity with the peoples of the Peruvian forests

    , by Fourth International

    Motion adopted by the Sixteenth World Congress of the Fourth International.
    In late April 2009, the government of Peru carried out brutal repression against the peoples of the Peruvian forest that had risen up against the decrees authorizing oil extraction on their ancestral lands within the (...)

  • Peru: news from amazonicos’ struggle

    , by WW4 Report

    Peru: demands grow for Amazon massacre truth commission
    Submitted by WW4 Report on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 12:49.
    The United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a formal recommendation Aug. 28 that the government of Peru open an “exhaustive, objective and impartial (...)

  • Peru: Battle lines drawn over the Amazon

    , by POWLESS Ben

    The rhetoric was sharp enough to cut down Amazonian hardwoods. Yesterday, Sunday June 7th, after a number of ministers had been paraded out Saturday and the day before, Peru’s el Señor Presidente, Alan Garcia decided to make it personal. After a joint police-military operation aimed at stopping (...)

  • Peru: Amazonian indigenous people rise up

    , by BLANCO Hugo

    “Since April 9, an uprising has been occurring in the Peruvian countryside involving the Amazonian indigenous peoples from 1350 communities and a diversity of ethnicities”, said legendary peasant leader, Hugo Blanco in an important message. A translation of Blanco’s appeal for solidarity with this (...)

  • Repression intesifies in Peru

    , by BLANCO Hugo

    Below is a March 4 statement released by Hugo Blanco, a veteran revolutionary and campesino (peasant) leader. He is currently the director of the magazine Lucha Indigena. This statement was translated by Philip Stuart Cournoyer, and is reprinted from international socialist e-journal Links, (...)

  • Appeal: Répression in Peru Intensifies

    , by BLANCO Hugo

    Hugo Blanco, one of Peru’s most outstanding indigenous and campesino leaders, issued the following international appeal to supporters of democratic and human rights.
    Blanco is the director of the monthly newspaper Lucha Indígena, published by an editorial team based in Cusco and Lima. Thus (...)

  • The Epic Struggle of Indigenous Andean-Amazonian Culture

    , by BLANCO Hugo

    Text of a presentation for the Latin American Studies Association Conference to be held September 5-8 in Montreal, Canada.
    Over the course of more than 10,000 years, the rich biodiversity of the Andes-Amazon region has created a culture that is closely interlocked with Pachamama (Mother (...)

  • Peru: The earthquake And The vultures

    , by BLANCO Hugo

    In the earthquake of 1950 in Cuzco, I collaborated as a volunteer as part of the system of aid that had been established: my task was to register those who had lost their homes and their necessities. At first we were received with affection, yet the more we advanced in our work, the more the (...)

  • Peru: Brutality in Bagua

    , by NIBL

    Curfews, roadblocks, teargas and rumours of dead bodies being dumped in rivers. It feels as though Peru has slipped through a time warp to the tumultuous 1980s and early 1990s, when the Government was embroiled in a civil war with leftist guerrillas, and civilians were caught in the crossfire. (...)