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Various papers presented at the APISC conferences are posted in the sections relevant to their topic. To check which ones are on ESSF website, you can refer to the key-word “Apisc” in the key-word dictionary (under “Organisations”), or click here APISC (Asia).

Articles in this section

  • The First Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference

    , by ROUSSET Pierre

    Political parties and groups from across Asia and the Pacific gathered in Sydney, Australia this April for a historic solidarity conference.
    The event was a success, both in terms of the wide range of participants, and the warm spirit which dominated the proceedings. In this era of (...)

  • Historic conference begins new era of left cooperation

    , by LANE Max

    SYDNEY — More than 750 people participated in a historic event, the first Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, held here April 10-13, 1998. The conference was characterised by an electric atmosphere of solidarity and struggle, with both in-depth discussions in workshops and plenary sessions and (...)

  • Crisis in the Asia-Pacific: Stop Repression, Build Solidarity

    , by RONGPI Jayanta

    This talk was presented to the Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference, Sydney, April 9-13 by Jayanta Rongpi, member of the Indian parliament representing the Autonomous State Demand Committee, Assam and Communist Party of India-ML (Liberation).
    1. The Asia-Pacific region continues to be home to (...)

  • Defeating Neo-liberalism, Prospects and Projects

    , by LANE Max

    This talk was presented to the Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, April 10-13, 1998 by Max Lane, conference convenor and foreign affairs spokesperson of the Democratic Socialist Party.
    Comrades, during the conference welcome I put forward the proposal that one of the purposes of organising (...)

  • Strategies for defeating neo-liberalism: Parties, movements, NGOs

    , by PERCY John

    This talk was presented to the Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, April 10-13, 1998 by John Percy, national secretary of the Democratic Socialist Party.
    Capitalist crisis
    Neo-liberalism is the political and economic ideology of choice for one of history’s most brutal and exploitative ruling (...)