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  • Growing a LGBTIQ Movement in Activism-Averse Singapore

    , by HAN Kirsten

    The crowd was already pumped when Pink Dot’s spokesperson, Paerin Choa, took over the microphone. The sun had set over an afternoon of enthusiastic pink-clad picnicking. Performers—from popular local rappers and indie bands to glamorous drag queens—had built the atmosphere up to one of euphoria (...)

  • Singaporean artist jailed after peaceful protest

    , by BENNER Tom

    Human rights groups denounce two-week sentence as an affront to free speech and call for Seelan Palay’s release.
    Singapore - A 34-year-old performance artist is serving a two-week jail sentence for what he and his supporters consider a peaceful one-man protest.
    Human rights groups and arts (...)

  • Dow Jones to Pay Singapore Yet Again

    Lee Kuan Yew will zing The Far Eastern Economic Review one last time before it goes out of business
    Dow Jones Corporation, the owner of the soon-to- be-defunct Far Eastern Economic Review, will pay US$175,000 in damages and costs rather than wait for a hearing over damages* on a ruling (...)

  • Singapore’s Sham Political Reforms

    , by Correspondant(es)

    The island republic sends forth yet another electoral Trojan horse
    Given the Singapore government’s oft-repeated mantra that multi-party politics is not appropriate for a small city-state, it might have surprised outside observers when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently unveiled plan to (...)

  • Another Day in the Lion City, Almost

    , by BERTHELSEN John

    Singapore again ousts the editor of the Asia Sentinel. You can say one thing for Singaporeans. They have long memories. And if you think the place is loosening up, think again.
    In 1988 — 21 years ago — my projected three-year stint as the Asian Wall Street Journal’s correspondent in Singapore (...)

  • The old Asian Way Excuse

    , by YUENYONG Kan

    Will the fiction of holding democracy hostage for “national security” fall with the information age?
    Last September, an old man died of heart failure in a Singapore local hospital, aged 82.
    While not many Thai people know him, he was Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, known universally as JBJ. He was (...)

  • Singapore’s Temasek Stumbles Again

    , by Correspondant(es)

    The island republic’s premier sovereign wealth fund takes another massive writeoff.
    Although global markets have stabilized at least temporarily over the last couple of weeks, there is no sign of a letup for Temasek, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund that has already chalked up massive paper (...)

  • Singapore Bankrupts the Singapore Democratic Party

    , by Correspondant(es)

    The Lee family again uses its tame courts to wipe out political opposition
    Singapore’s dynastic Lee family has again put an opposition party out of business, this time with an order from the Singapore High Court to the leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party to pay S$610,000 in damages (...)

  • Singapore: ‘Guest workers’ or modern slavery?

    , by BOYLE Peter

    A pile of bags and clothing on an old shopfront verandah on Cuff Road in Singapore’s Little India is “home” to a group of about 50 migrant workers who have been spat out by an economy that relies heavily on so-called “guest workers”.
    All are men from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, lured to (...)