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  • Letter of support to the peoples of Ecuador

    , by Collective, Petition

    Señor Lenín Moreno,
    We hereby manifest our concern and our rejection of the repression unleashed upon the people’s mobilization in defense of their rights, in particular the collective rights of the Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities, Afro-Ecuadorians and Montubios: women, men, children, youth (...)

  • Ecuador: Indigenous peoples fight back

    , by CONAIE, LEAK Max

    Statement by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) on the revolt triggered by austerity measures demanded by the IMF.
    In recent days, an uprising of revolutionary dimensions has broken out in Ecuador. A mass strike by transport workers and a huge mobilisation of (...)

  • Ecuador : Marching for Life, Water, Dignity

    , par BECKER Marc

    THOUSANDS OF INDIGENOUS protesters carrying a giant rainbow flag arrived in Ecuador’s capital Quito on March 22 (World Water Day), culminating a two-week Plurinational March for Life, Water, and Dignity of the Peoples. The march was in opposition to government plans to commence with large-scale (...)

  • Ecuador: Solidarity with public sector workers under attack

    , by LabourStart

    A Labour Star Campaign in partnership with Public Services International, the global union federation for public sector trade unions, representing 650 affiliated trade unions in 150 countries, which together organise more than 20 million workers. On 28 October, Ecuador’s Minister for Labour (...)

  • Condemnation of the Attempted Coup in Ecuador

    , by GGJ

    Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Unequivocally Supports President Correa and the Democratic Citizen Revolution in Ecuador and condemns the Attempted Coup
    On the eve of the last day in September, President Correa had been rescued from the hospital where renegade police held him hostage. He (...)

  • Ecuador’s Correa haunted by Honduras

    , by WEISBROT Mark

    This was a coup attempt – encouraged by Washington’s shameful support for the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya last year.
    In June of last year, when the Honduran military overthrew the social-democratic government of Manuel Zelaya, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador took it personally. “We have (...)

  • A note about the failed coup in Ecuador

    , by BORON Atilio A.

    1. What happened yesterday in Ecuador?
    There was an attempted coup d’etat.
    It was not, as various Latin America media reported, an “institutional crisis”, as if what happened had been a jurisdictional conflict between the executive and the legislature rather than an open insurrection by one (...)

  • Solidarity with the people of Ecuador

    , by WMW

    The World March of Women manifests profound indignation and disgust at the coup d’etat attempt that began in Equador this morning.
    In the same way that right-wing sectors carried out a coup d’etat in Honduras, they are trying to do the same in Equador. Reactionary and convervative forces do not (...)

  • Against the attempted coup in Ecuador

    , by CADTM

    CADTM denounces the attempted coup in Ecuador and supports popular mobilization to defend democratic and social progress.
    On Thursday 30 September an attempted coup took place in Ecuador. Rebel units of the national police abducted president Rafael Correa after he urged policemen to accept (...)

  • Stop the coup attempt in Ecuador against the Correa government

    , by PRT

    Throughout the day on September 30th there have been a series of serious events in Ecuador that clearly indicate an attempted coup to overthrow the government of Correa through violent action by elements of the police force, who detained Correa himself for several hours, until he was freed by (...)

  • Ecuador: No to the coup, Defend the rule of law

    , by Collective

    The kidnapping by police of Ecuador’s leftist president demands urgent attention. It is currently hard to understand the real dimensions of what is happening, but it is difficult to imagine that this is just a local gripe by some of the police. 150 troops seized Quito’s international airport. (...)

  • Ecuador: The Great Indigenous Uprising, 20 Years On

    , by ORTIZ Gonzalo

    QUITO, Jun 2 (IPS) - Friday, Jun. 4, marks 20 years since the first great indigenous uprising in modern Ecuador, an event that forever changed the country. After that day of massive actions in cities across the nation, Ecuador’s native peoples could no longer be ignored. It was a pioneering (...)

  • Ecuador: Left Turn?

    , by BECKER Marc

    ON APRIL 26, 2009, Rafael Correa won re-election to the Ecuadorian presidency with an absolute majority of the vote. He gained broad popular appeal through a combination of nationalist rhetoric and increased social spending on education and health care. The victory cemented Correa’s control over (...)

  • Ecuador at the crossroads

    , by TOUSSAINT Éric

    In the general elections held on Sunday 26 April, Ecuadorians granted their president Rafael Correa a new four-year mandate. He took over 52% of the votes, placing him more than 20 points ahead of Lucio Gutierrez, his main opponent, the former right-wing president who was overthrown by a (...)