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  • The Wall Street Meltdown: the View from Asia

    , by BELLO Walden

    For many, the Wall Street crisis is a replay, though on a much larger scale, of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which brought down the red-hot “tiger economies” of the East. The shocking absence of Wall Street regulation brings back awful memories of the elimination of capital controls by East (...)

  • Islamic Finance in Asia

    , by BOWRING Philip

    A growing river of money seeks investment consistent with Islamic religious principles.
    Three races are now underway on the topic of Islamic Finance and Asia.
    *Firstly, there is a race among financial markets to get their share of a fast-growing (15 percent or more a year) business. (...)

  • A framework of barriers

    , by SULERI Abid Qaiyum

    Once again political differences between Pakistan and India have rendered SAFTA meaningless.
    The hopes from SAFTA (South Asia Free Trade Agreement) were never too high as far as the trade liberalisation between Pakistan and India was concerned. It was a common perception that political (...)

  • Crisis in the Asia-Pacific

    , by BOYLE Peter

    This paper was presented to the Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference in Sydney, Australia April 10-13, 1998 by Peter Boyle from the Democratic Socialist Party of Australia.
    While the full extent of the unfolding Asian economic crisis is yet to be felt, its shock waves have already had a serious (...)

  • Tigers in Crisis

    , by SUNDARAM Jomo K

    This paper was presented to the Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, Sydney, April 12, 1998 by Professor Jomo K. Sundaram, Faculty of Economics, University of Malaya.
    Basically, my argument is that the East Asian economic crisis is not what it is often reported to be. There was, in the early (...)