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  • The Donald Trump of Central America

    , by GOODFRIEND Hilary

    President Nayib Bukele is El Salvador’s Donald Trump. His hard-right bluster and media-centric populism threaten to deal a devastating blow to the country’s once-mighty left.
    El Salvador’s new president, Nayib Bukele, has only been in office since June, but already he has the world’s attention. (...)

  • El Salvador: USAID’s Trojan Horse

    , by GOODFRIEND Hilary

    Behind the heartwarming photo ops, USAID’s projects in El Salvador are stealthily advancing the interests of the Salvadoran corporate class.
    The US Agency for International Development (USAID) frames its work in El Salvador in the sterile, technocratic language of neoliberalism. The agency is (...)

  • The unspeakable cruelty of El Salvador’s abortion laws

    , by KOWALCHUK Lisa

    El Salvador is probably the worst country on earth to have an unwanted or life-threatening pregnancy, or a complicated miscarriage, especially if you are poor. The country’s extreme abortion regime was recently highlighted by the release of two women from 30-year prison sentences. Their ’crime’ was to have had a miscarriage. Both innocent women had served over a decade of their sentences.

    Around the world today we are seeing two opposite tendencies in abortion law reform. In the Americas, the (...)

  • USAID in El Salvador: The Politics of Prevention

    , by GODFRIEND Hilary

    The U.S. agency for International Development (USAID) frames its work in El Salvador in the sterile, technocratic language of neoliberalism. The Agency is devoted to fostering “prosperity, security and good governance” in the small Central American nation. Notions of non-partisanship and (...)

  • FMLN Likely to Retain Salvadoran Presidency

    , by GROSSER David

    In the midst of the current economic crisis, leaders of the world’s richest countries (the U.S., most shamefully) claim that they do not have the money to fully fund key programs in healthcare or education. Meanwhile, since 2009, El Salvador, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, has (...)

  • El Salvador: Labor vs. P3

    , by GARCIA Alex, RIVERA Jaime

    A NEW “CONCESSIONS” law is before Salva­doran legislators, threatening Salva­doran workers, and further submitting the national economy to foreign capital. President Mauricio Funes’ office proposed the Public-Private Partnership (P3) law in early 2012; it is slated for a legislative vote in April or (...)

  • El Salvador: Evangelical fundamentalism and the right

    , by ROWLANDS David T.

    At last, after decades of brutal right-wing rule, the leftist Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) won El Salvador’s March 15 presidential election.
    While this is a welcome ray of hope in impoverished Central America, the slender margin indicates a rocky road ahead for the incoming (...)