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    Following are the articles placed on the ESSF website in the last week, Monday to Sunday.
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  • Welcome !

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    ESSF is an association for international solidarity. Covering a wide range of topics, our website offers militant information on many struggles and campaigns, as well as in-depth articles, elements of debates, documents of varied types. We would like it to become a useful tool for all those who (...)

  • Practical Information on our Association

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    Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF)
    [Europe of solidarity without borders]
    Aims of the association : “The aim of the association is to promote all initiatives likely to contribute to a Europe of solidarity and without borders, and to promote international solidarity between the peoples. In (...)

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    ESSF website is using following ressources : L’ : webhosting, mails and technical support. SPIP, a powerful publishing system for the Internet. SPIP is a free software distributed under the General Public License (GPL) . (...)