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  • Women Farmers and Food Justice

    , by SACHS Carolyn

    Preserving biodiversity through farmer control of seeds
    Lead-up study to the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62)
    While women make up close to half of the world’s farmers, their access to agricultural resources and land is often severely limited. As a result, women (...)

  • GMOs: Fooling – er, “feeding” – the world for 20 years

    , by GRAIN

    Myths and outright lies about the alleged benefits of genetically engineered crops (GE crops or GMOs) persist only because the multinationals that profit from them have put so much effort into spreading them around.
    They want you to believe that GMOs will feed the world; that they are more (...)

  • Peasants Worldwide Rise up Against Monsanto, GMOs

    , by La Via Campesina

    (Mexico, 16 October 2009) Today, International World Food Day, as declared by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, La Via Campesina is mobilizing globally along with allies in an overwhelming expression of outright rejection of Monsanto and Genetically Modified (...)

  • GM-free: the way of the future

    , by PHELPS Bob

    Foods from genetically manipulated (GM) crops and animals are rejected by most farmers, shoppers and food processors around the world. If these mutant foods were fully labelled, as they should be, consumer rejection would ensure that GM food crops were not grown.
    The environmental, social, (...)

  • Australia: Brumby GM canola decision sparks Labor opposition

    , by GROGAN Janet

    The November 27 decision by the Victorian Premier John Brumby’s Labor government to lift a moratorium on commercially-grown genetically-modified canola has drawn sharp criticism from scientific researchers and environmental activists. Labor MPs declared that the decision had been made secretly, (...)