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  • Europe: Time to Rebel

    , by HEDGES Chris

    Monday, Oct. 7, marks the start of what the British-based group Extinction Rebellion is calling the International Rebellion. Thousands of people will occupy the centers of some 60 cities around the globe, including Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris and New York, to stage nonviolent occupations of (...)

  • Genoa 2001 FOR another Europe

    , par Collective

    The following statement was jointly written by organisations and movements meeting in Genoa in the context of the 10th anniversary of the 2001 G8 meeting.
    “People of Europe rise up” : this has been the refrain of protests from Madrid to Athens.
    “They are the crisis, we are the hope”, is the (...)

  • Europe: Together, to impose a different mindset !

    , by CADTM

    Debt, a boon for creditors, a tragedy for the people !
    The public debt argument is frequently used by European governments to impose austerity plans.
    This debt is more than just a pretext to make paying more acceptable to the population. It is a real looting of the people.
    The debt is the (...)

  • The Catalan Social Forum, a success!

    , by Collective

    The Catalan Social Forum took place during from 17 to the 27 of January, with local activities decentralized by Catalonia and a forum during the weekend in Barcelona. The Catalan Social Forum was part of the Global Social Forums.
    Full seminaries with people seated in the ground! Classrooms (...)

  • Marking WSF Global Day of Action in the Netherlands

    , by Collective

    STOP-ETI Action in The Hague
    Responding to the WSF Global Day of Action Call, organisations in The Netherlands [1] marked this with a demonstration on January 25th at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    The demonstration demanded the Dutch government to respect the Bolivian government’s (...)

  • Italy and WSF 2008: Arci in action

    , by Arci

    146: the events organized by Arci in Italy and in the world for the Global Day of Action promoted by the World Social Forum.
    Arci is organising 146 events in Italy and the world on the Global Day of Action promoted by the Wsf. An incredible effort by the local structures, clubs, and (...)

  • A New Beginning for ATTAC France

    , by GEORGE Susan

    For those who can read French, there is more documentation on Attac France’s crisis in the French section. To open it, click on the “translation” button in the left column.
    A message from Susan George to friends of Attac France [and her own] worldwide, please feel free to circulate. I wish you (...)

  • Transform!

    , by Transform!

    Sef-presentation of Transform! taken from Espaces Marx website September 30, 2005. Network established at the initiative of:
    Espaces Marx (France), Fondation Rosa Luxemburg (Allemagne), Fondation Nicos Poulantzas (Grèce), Commission de Recherche du PRC (Italie), Fundacion de Investigaciones (...)