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Indonesia Roundup #38 - October 30-November 6, 2006

Damri bus drivers in Yogyakarta demand outstanding

Some 142 employees from the Damri Bus company that
operates in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta went
on strike on their first day back to work after the
Lebaran holidays. The strike was triggered by
company’s failure to pay its employee’s wages
between July and October.

The October 30 strike involved all of the company’s
drivers and conductors and the entire Damri fleet
remains parked in the company garages, with the
striking workers waiting nearby for representatives
to meet with the head of the company.

Yuli, one of the Damri employees said that they are
demanding that they be paid immediately since they
have not received any wages for the last four
months. (, 30/10/2006)

Danny Setiawan supporters besiege Bandung State

Thousands of people wearing camouflage uniforms and
black T-shirts besieged the Bandung State Court on
November 1 to show their support for West Java
Governor Danny Setiawan who is a witness in a court
hearing into the Kavlinggate corruption case.

The majority of the protesters, who were youths from
28 West Java Golkar Party affiliated youth
organisations such as Gapensa, Kosgoro, the Tim
Bandung Fighting Club and the Black Ants, said that
they would defend “Brother” Danny and that the case
should closed immediately. (, 1/11/2006)

Jatirejo residents protest again over mud
containment dam

Around 200 residents from the village of Jatirejo in
the Porong sub-district of Sidoarjo, Central Java,
demonstrated again on November 1 against a plan by
the Sidoarjo Mud National Relief Team to make a mud
containment dam alongside their village permanent.

Jatirejo resident Paiman said they would only give
the team permission to make the dam permanent if
they were first given compensation for the buildings
and homes that have been inundated with mud. "All of
the houses and buildings have been submerged by mud.
But why have only 13 people received compensation of
around 100 million rupiah", asked Paiman.

The head of the relief team meanwhile said that the
13 people had received compensation as their houses
because they had already become part of the dam and
the amount was in accordance with the taxable value
of land and property. (, 1/11/2006)

Raid against traders in Malang ends in chaos

A raid by civil service police against traders
operating in the area of the city square in the East
Java city of Malang on November 2 ended in chaos
when the traders tried to prevent their goods from
being seized.

In Jakarta meanwhile, scores of people from the
Anti-Eviction Movement (GAP) demonstrated at the
Senen train station in Central Jakarta demanding
that the regional regulations on demographic
operations be revoked. In speeches given in front of
queuing passenger, the protesters said operations
against new migrants was not in accordance with the
1945 Constitution because it restricted the rights
of citizens to seek a livelihood. (Liputan 6,

FPI and HTI oppose Bush’s visit

Hundreds of people from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia
(HTI) and the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)
demonstrated in front of the US Embassy in Central
Jakarta on November 4 in protest against a planned
visit by President George Bush to the West Java city
of Bogor on November 20.

In speeches the demonstrators said that if the
government accepts Bush’s visit then Indonesia is
indirectly giving its support to the US and its
allies military aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.
It also signifies that the government does not have
any problems with the imperialist economic polices
of US in developing countries like Indonesia such as
those being carried out by the US companies
ExxonMobil, Caltex and Freeport. (Liputan 6,

Residents demand release of assistance funds

Hundreds of residents from the village of Singarajan
in Serang, Banten province held a demonstration on
November 4 demanding that the local village head
immediately release 53 million rupiah in assistance
funds from the Banten provisional government. The
residents suspect that the funds that should have
been distributed two months ago for construction
work in the village have been embezzled by the
village head and officials. (Liputan 6, 4/11/2006)

Residents blockade Parangtritis Beach

Dozens of local residents blockaded the Parangtritis
Beach area south of Yogyakarta on November 4 that is
being turned into a tourist resort. The protest was
a form of protest by residents who were evicted to
make way for the development and have not received
reasonable compensation. The Bantul regional
government however plans to continue to go ahead
with the project saying that it has been socialised
for some time. (Liputan 6, 4/11/2006)

Makassar workers demand minimum wage increase

Hundreds of workers in the South Sulawesi provincial
capital of Makassar demonstrated at the governor’s
office on November 6 demanding that the local
government involve them in discussions to set a new
provincial minimum wage (UMP).

The workers, who came from the South Sulawesi
Federated Trade Union for Labour Struggle (FSPBS)
said that the current UMP of 618,000 rupiah a month
was inadequate and demanded that it be increased.
Prior to arriving at the governor’s office the
workers also scoured the Makassar industrial area
inviting other workers to join the action.

Upon their arrival, the protesters were blocked by a
unit of civil service police who were guarding the
entrance to the governor’s complex. After attempting
to push their way through the police line they
eventually gave up and held speeches in front of the
complex grounds. (Liputan 6, 6/11/2006)

Students protest Idul Fitri gift donation

Scores of students from the Corruption, Collusion
and Nepotism Concern Forum (FPKKN) in the Sulawesi
town of Parepare demonstrated at the local Regional
House of Representatives (DPRD) on November 6. The
students were protesting a 450,000 rupiah Idul Fitri
holiday donation given to assembly members by Andi
Makasau, the director of a local public hospital,
which they said was taken from the hospital’s civil
servant welfare post. A scuffle broke out between
the protesters and police when they tried to force
their way into the DPRD building. (Liputan 6,

Police break up protest near Freeport

Scores of women and children were unable to resist
officers from the Mimika district police when they
forcibly dismantled a blockade at the PT Freeport
Indonesia Mile 28 checkpoint earlier today. Police
also pulled down a tent being used by the protesters
and seized posters and banners.

As of 9.45am demonstrators were still at the
checkpoint but restricted themselves to sitting on
the side of the road. Also this morning, police
drove away a second group of protesters who arrived
in an open truck. (Tempo Interactive, 6/11/2006)

Former PT Dirgantara Indonesia demonstrate again in

Hundreds of former PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI)
employees from the Employees Trade Union
Communication Forum (SPFKK) protested again at the
Bandung DPRD on November 6 asking for support to
resolve a dispute over unpaid pensions.

The protesters arrived at the DPRD on hundreds of
motor bikes and a pickup truck that was used for
giving speeches. SPFKK chairperson Arif Winardi said
that the action was held to remind the government of
its promise to assist the workers. This was based on
an agreement between the SPFKK and the company
management that was witnessed by officials from the
ministry of state-owned enterprises in March.

"At that time the government promised it would
resolve the issue within six months calculated from
July 7, 2006. However it is now coming into the
fifth month and there is no concrete sign that it
will be paid at all", said Winardi. Winardi added
that that next week they also plan to hold a long-
march to the House of Representatives in Jakarta.
(, 6/11/2006)

Local residents protest against new Surabaya airport

Around 350 resident from the village of Tambaksawah
in the Sedati sub-district of Sidoarjo demonstrated
near the entrance to the new Juanda Surabaya Airport
on November 6. The residents said they objected to
the use of village land in the area of the new
airport without being paid compensation.

An attorney for the villages said that the 5,390
square hectares of land should have been paid for in
2000 when the agreed price was only 175,000 rupiah
per square meter. Residents are now asking for 1
million rupiah per meter. (Kompas Cyber Media,

PT Spotec workers demonstrate over severance pay

More than 4,000 workers from the shoe factory PT
Spotec Cikupa in the Tangerang regency or Banten
demonstrated at the factory on November 6 demanding
clarification over their future because the company
has still not been able to decided when it will pay
outstanding severance pay and how much it will be.

According information obtained by the chairperson of
the PT Spotec National Trade Union (SPN), Eko S, the
company will not pay them for another three months.
"Currently none of the company’s management are
here. Apparently they are meeting at the Mandiri
Bank and then Mr. Hong KP (the owner of the company)
will be summoned by the Minister of Labour", said

The company, which produces Adidas trademark shoes,
decided in late October to stop production because
of financial problems and the workers were suspended
temporarily but not officially dismissed. The
workers eventually disbanded but several said they
would return to the factory again the next day.
(Kompas Cyber Media, 6/11/2006)

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