Press Release

After Peshawar Massacre: The Masses of Pakistan and Afghanistan Have Common Pain and Enemy “The fundamentalists’ terrorism has no border”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King

Following the blind suicide bombings and killing of our innocent people, now the dreadful massacre of school children in Peshawar, puts on sorrow the heart of every aware and conscientious human being. The ruthless killing of approximately 150 innocent children and adults and injuring of more than 130 by the barbaric Taliban, revealed the depth of these criminal outdated beasts for a thousandth times.

Although, this school has been established by Pak Army but as far as we know, the kids of the poorest layers of society are studying here. The victims of this incident were children carrying their childish dreams, without any prejudice and discrimination, had no role in society’s circumstances, who didn’t deserve such sorrowful fate.

It is painful to see that some unaware and narrow-minded Afghans, due to opposition against Pakistan, through social media, are hitting the drums of happiness for this tragic event. Indeed, this inhumane behavior is taking side with the bloodthirsty Taliban, the common enemies of humanity. Lest us suppose, all of them were the children of Pak Army officials, still these kids haven’t committed any crime to face dead.

Today, the destitute masses of Pakistan, alike our scathing people, are shedding tear in mourning of their loved ones. We, with our whole being, understand the weight of the current grief and sympathize with downtrodden people of Pakistan. On the other hand, we consider the autocrat and traitor-to-the-people government of Pakistan, especially its army and intelligence service as the main factor for the wildish activities of its bastard chicks in our country and Pakistan. They dedicatedly supports the bloodthirsty Taliban and since many years have sanguinary hands in most incidents in Afghanistan and the region. We widely differentiate between people and government of this country, and consider it stupidity if we pen down the filthiness of Pakistan’s army and rulers on the account of its honorable masses, who themselves since many years are experiencing the immense pains of traitorous policies of their government, and are living in bloodbath.

The fundamentalists’ terrorism has no border and is a bloodthirsty tool in the hands of autocratic regimes and their slavish rulers. This fatal virus has no other goal rather than stopping any kind of development and progress in societies. The fundamentalists of any type –Taliban, ISIS, Gulbudini, Haqani Network, Iranian Clerics and Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance- have been raised from a common breeding ground. They are various types of ignorance-spreading systems serving the war-mongering policies of the Western neo-colonialism. The madrassas of Haqania, Laal Masjid, and thousands of other madrassas are active in Pakistan with the funds of US, UK, Saudi Arabia and few other countries as factories of nurturing suicide bombers and terrorism. It is now clear for everyone that the undercurrents in the last decades has been taken forward on direct supervision of Pakistan’s army and intelligence agencies. Pakistani rulers are leaning staff of neo-colonialism in the region, and are supporting most of fundamentalist middle-ages groups. Fighting against this virus needs the unity and cooperation of region’s people and progressive forces and all of wakeful consciences.

In lieu of denouncement of innocent Pakistani masses, we must raise our voices against the bootlicking and imposition policies of palace-loungers, which has been followed by Hamid Karzai for many years, and now it is followed by Abdullah-Ghani government in its more scandalous form. The current obeisance and compromise with ignorant thugs, have ultimately converted the terrorists wilder, increasing the surge for their killings and atrocity. The secret meeting of Ashraf Ghani with Pak Army officials in Rawalpindi and unexpected visit of Raheel Sharif, Chief of the Army Staff of Pakistan, and Rizwan Akhtar, General Director of ISI, to Kabul, is an alarm that once again nefarious dealings, away from public attention, are taking place. Alike past, the high official post will be handed over to Pakistani chicks. The wide presence of spies in high official posts is so scandalous that even recently the acting minister of Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) and acting director of National Directorate of Security (NDS) and some other officials spoke about it and consider it as the main reason for the current insecurity in the country.

The people of Pakistan should also realize that Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, General Hamid Gul, Tahir Ashrafi, Imran Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Pakistan Ulema Council and other individuals and forces of the country who apparently raise their voices against suicide bombings in Pakistan, but support the killings in Afghanistan by Taliban and call it “Jihad”. On the very first step, they are all enemies of Pakistani masses. Whoever considers terrorism as a legal act in other’s homeland, on the first instance, he/she commits betrayal against his/her own nation, because this wild beast doesn’t recognize any border, race, ethnicity and trib. It attacks humanity everywhere.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) that fights for emancipation of suffered ones without any compromise and obeisance, can never sit idle as passive observer, and closes its eyes and ears towards shocking crimes against the oppressed masses in any part of the world. We consider the unity and solidarity of freedom-lover, progressive and justice-seeking organizations in all over the world especially in the region, as one of the solutions to halt barbarism and the violence that is a serious threat to humanity.

We believe that US and its other bullying and war-mongering allies, are sending, directly or through their lackeys, the third-world countries into war and wilderness one by one, to overcome their economic crises and to repress their Asian rivals. We must realize the threat of war and instead of creating clash amongst the peoples of the countries, actively work for all-out unity among toiling people of the world.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) strongly condemns the recent suicide bombings in Kabul, Helmand, Paktika, Kunduz and other provinces. We also denounce the pouring of Pakistani children’s innocent blood. We regard it as brutal act of hostile forces of humanity and prosperity. We ask all of the progressive and upstanding organization, individuals and anti-war groups to play their due role for the salvage of humanity and current crises, through their relentless and extended struggle against reactionary and traitor regimes and strive for constitution of democratic and popular governments.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)