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  • Bosnia LGBT: Universalize the struggle!

    , by OKIC Tijana

    A secular, left analysis of Sarajevo Pride 2019 and the LGBT struggle in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    I know some people will certainly misunderstand the text below, but as someone who campaigned on the issue, who received numerous anonymous threats while working at the University in Sarajevo for (...)

  • Bosnia: Sarajevo’s first LGBT Pride

    , by SASSO Alfredo

    Huge participation, no accidents, visibly moved participants. And from the stage, the first Pride of Sarajevo is dedicated to all the oppressed of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Spontaneous applause, shout-outs, beating drums, smiles and hugs, tears of emotion and joy. Last Sunday, an overwhelming (...)

  • Reforming Macedonian political system

    , by SADIKU Artan

    In the last elections (2016) in Macedonia, voters for the first time voted outside ethnically defined boundaries. After a long domination of the main right-wing party, Social Democratic Union of Macedonia again took power amid great expectations of its’ voters. It started a process which aims to (...)

  • Decay of Serbian Social Democracy

    , by GLIŠIĆ Nenad

    Serbia has a long tradition of social democracy which goes back to the last decades of the 19th century. State of modern Serbian social-democracy isn’t that much different from the situation in which social democrats find themselves in other European countries. Contemporary Serbian “descendants” (...)

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: Political paralysis of “civic” option

    , by KREHO Dinko

    A political system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is strongly determined by the strict division on nationalist and civic options. Persisting “new” civic political projects are crashing themselves against the rocks of post-Dayton Bosnian settlement. Although the history of the illusions of civic (...)

  • Serbian Neonazis on Hold

    , by KUREPA Tadej

    Despite the traumatic experience of occupation in the Second World War, since the 2000s, political organizations of neo-Nazis in Serbia has flourished in various forms. But besides the justified suspicions that these groups are associated with secret services, their stronger development is (...)

  • Network of Black International in Serbia

    , by PEROVIĆ Miloš

    For a long time, Serbia enjoys a good reputation among right-wing extremists in Western Europe. British racists, German Islamophobes, Italian fascists, French identitarians and Nazis from all over the world have turned Serbia into their Mecca in recent years. Support to the development of the (...)

  • Southeastern Europe’s New Left

    , by ŠTIKS Igor, STOJAKOVIĆ Krunoslav

    Challenges and hopes during political reconstruction
    The collapse of the socialist bloc during the early 1990s not only wiped entire political systems off the map. The organizational structures, the cultural traditions of the socialist and communist labour movement, the concept of solidarity, (...)

  • What is Rotten with Serbia’s Mass Protests?

    , by VILENCIA Ana

    The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 was marked by a wave of mass anti-government protests in Belgrade. The direct cause for the first protest held on December 8th was the attack on the leader of the Serbian Left, Borko Stefanović, ahead of a forum of the newly formed coalition of the (...)

  • The Albanian student struggle has reached historic dimensions

    , by QORI Arlind

    An analysis of Albania’s dynamic student protests and the potential for broader social protest against poverty, liberalism and corruption.
    Tuesday, December, 4 was a normal day in Albania. The news went out that the students of the Faculty of Architecture were boycotting school. The (...)

  • Albanian Students Revolt: What Is to Be Done?

    , by QOSJA Griselda

    In the last days, thousands of students have flooded the narrow street where the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth is located. Demonstrations of this magnitude are not alien to the public. In the last three decades there have been plenty of anti-government demonstrations in (...)

  • Being gay in Kosovo, Europe’s youngest nation

    , by DAVIES Jack

    On February 17, Kosovo celebrated its tenth birthday. Europe’s youngest nation was forged into being following the 1999 war of independence against the security forces of the Serbian government, which for years had ruthlessly oppressed the ethnic Albanian population of its south-western (...)