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  • Bangladesh: Coup bid reveals extremism within

    , by HAQ Naimul

    DHAKA, Feb 2, 2012 (IPS) - Bangladesh’s army has won paludits as leading United Nations peacekeepers, but the January coup attempt against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has exposed lurking religious extremism within its ranks.
    On Jan. 19, the army brass disclosed that it had foiled a (...)

  • Bangladesh’s last chance

    , by MONTERO David

    Bangladesh’s prime minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, launched a coordinated assault in January 2010 on the Islamist order that has gripped her country for 30 years. She attacked its legal foundation. In 1979, Islamists had hijacked control of the state, amended the constitution, and transformed (...)

  • A Pakistani at Liberation Museum in Dhaka

    , by TARIQ Farooq

    I asked Tareq Ali if I could have the list of the alleged war criminals of 1971war. The list names 200 Pakistani military officers and solidiers. Top of the list is Lt. Gen. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi. There are five Major Generals (Nazar Hussain Shah, Mohhamed Hussain Insari, Mohammed Jamsheed, (...)

  • Bangladesh Election Won by Ex-Prime Minister Hasina

    , by JOHNSON Ed

    Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) — Former Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed’s political alliance was swept back to power in national elections, ending two years of military-backed emergency rule.
    Hasina’s Awami League gained a clear parliamentary majority, winning 229 seats with results declared (...)

  • Bangladesh Goes Back to the Polls

    , by THAKURIA Nava

    Two years on, a benighted country tries democracy yet again
    With Bangladeshi voters going to the polls, apprehension remains over whether the vote can ensure a stable democratic regime, or whether the poverty-stricken country will slip back into the vitriolic infighting that has paralyzed it (...)

  • Bangladesh eunuchs to vote in first elections

    , by AFP

    DHAKA (AFP) — Among the millions of new voters in Monday’s Bangladeshi elections will be some 100,000 hijras — cross-dressing, pre- and post-operative transsexuals — allowed to cast ballots for the first time.
    The male-to-female transsexuals are among 32 percent of the impoverished nation’s 81 (...)

  • Bangladeshis vote for 1st time in 7 years

    , by AP

    DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s political alliance took the lead early Tuesday in elections aimed at restoring democracy to the troubled South Asian nation, officials and media reports said.
    The English-language Daily Star newspaper reported early Tuesday that the (...)

  • Bangladesh: Justice sought for 1971 victims

    , by EVANS Rachel

    On the night of March 25, 1971 the Pakistani army began a campaign to murder and rape thousands of Bengalis in an attempt to curb the rise of the Bengali national independence movement in what was then East Pakistan — Bangladesh today.
    “Kill three million of them”, Pakistani President Yahya Khan (...)

  • In Bangladesh, Relief Turns to Worry

    , by THAKURIA Nava

    The caretaker government is being accused of human rights abuses as mucking out the mess in Dhaka takes an ominous turn.
    Concerns are growing both inside and outside Bangladesh that the January military takeover has spawned widespread human rights violations including scores of extrajudicial (...)

  • Bangladesh Now: A Showpiece of Pax Americana

    , by BOSE Soumitra

    If things come the Bush-Blair or rather Empire way, we would have all over the earth what we now see in Bangladesh. The country is run now by what is eulogized as a “caretaker government”! Yes, care is what they are taking, of what, however is the question? Political activities are banned. It (...)

  • Bangladesh: Where do we go from here?

    , by SOBHAN Rehman

    Rehman Sobhan examines the implications for the country of Prof. Yunus’s decision to retreat from the political stage.
    The precipitate withdrawal by Prof. Muhammad Yunus from the political arena was an unexpected as was his announcement of launching a party. The emphasis is on the word (...)

  • Taming the Strong Women of Bangladesh

    , by THAKURIA Nava

    The military has put restrictions on Bangladesh’s politicians and derailed the two women at the center of the country’s fevered political system. The country awaits the end game.
    After nearly a generation of desperate and debilitating democracy dominated by two women who hated each other enough (...)

  • Bangladesh: The counter-reformation

    , by SOBHAN Zafar

    Sunday, February 11: Joint forces arrest S.M. Nuruzzaman, ex-commissioner of the Phulbari town municipality and a leader of the Phulbari chapter of the national committee resisting the Phulbari coal mining project. Nuruzzaman was instrumental in organising the anti-mining protests at (...)

  • Bangladesh: Army-backed Arrests Worry Rights Groups

    , by AHMED Farid

    DHAKA, Feb 5 (IPS) - The detention of over a dozen high-profile politicians by the military-backed interim government in Bangladesh, on Sunday, has raised a storm of protests by rights groups and the country’s two main political parties.
    Those taken into custody include former ministers (...)