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  • Mohammed bin Salman should be prosecuted over the Yemen conflict

    , by de WAAL Alex

    After waging war in a manner that made deaths from hunger and disease inevitable, the Saudi prince should be tried for starvation crimes

    There is a manmade famine in Yemen, even if it has not been officially acknowledged. The man who made it is Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and there is strong prima facie evidence that he should be charged with causing starvation in an international court.

    Along with the comparably culpable Mohamed bin Zayed, crown prince of the (...)

  • UN envoy confirms first Yemen peace talks in two years

    , by WINTOUR Patrick

    Negotiations to resolve civil war due to be held in Geneva in September
    The UN’s special envoy for Yemen has told the security council that he would convene the country’s first talks in two years to secure peace between Saudi-backed forces and Houthi rebels.
    Martin Griffiths said the “time was (...)

  • Yemen’s Turn

    , by ALI Tariq

    Some general characteristics of the imperialist recolonization of the Arab world, which began with that brutal dress-rehearsal, the First Gulf War of 1991, are now clearly visible. Too many people supposed that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US eagle would discard its talons; (...)

  • US, EU and the covert drone war in Yemen

    , by AL-MUTAWAKEL Radhya

    Death surrounds us in Yemen. Since March 2015, airstrikes from the Saudi-led coalition have led to the death of more than 800 civilians in 95 incidents, as documented here. But the ongoing civil war is not the only violence we fear. The United States’ covert drone war in Yemen - at least 15 (...)

  • Omar Mohammed Batawil: Yemeni youth accused of atheism shot dead

    , by Al-Baba

    Omar Mohammed Batawil: abducted in front of his home in Aden. Youth shot dead after complaints about Facebook postings.
    Omar Mohammed Batawil Takfeer in Yemen
    Can’t stop thinking about Omar who was killed two days ago by a fanatic religious group because he dared to challenge one of the trio (...)

  • On the situation in Yemen: A Joint statement by Revolutionary Marxist and Socialist Organizations in the Region

    , by Al Mounadil-a / Al-Mounadil/ah, LGO, Revolutionary Left (Syria), Revolutionary Socialists, Socialist Forum, Union of Communists

    Statement by Revolutionary Marxist Organizations in the Arab Region on Yemen April 2, 2015
    At midnight, between March 26 and 27, 2015, warplanes belonging to ten Arab and Muslim (Pakistan) countries, led by Saudi Arabia, launched a raid Yemen, under the pretext of dealing with the (...)

  • Yemen’s Southern Question: Avoiding a Breakdown

    , by ICG

    Yemen is at a critical juncture. Its six-month National Dialogue Conference (NDC) was to have closed on 18 September, ushering in constitution drafting, a constitutional referendum and new elections. The timetable has slipped, and, though no end date has (...)

  • Yemen: A deal to protect a dictator

    , by WHITEHOUSE David

    David Whitehouse reports on a U.S.-supported attempt to ease Yemen’s dictator from power—but to protect him from any responsibility for his many crimes.
    THE OIL monarchies of the Persian Gulf have stepped in to broker a deal for Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Saleh would leave finally (...)

  • Yémen: Another Middle East tyrant at the brink

    , by WHITEHOUSE David

    David Whitehouse analyzes a struggle that may be about to topple Yemen’s dictator.
    A YOUTH revolt based around Sanaa University in Yemen’s capital has spearheaded a nationwide movement that is on the verge of bringing down another U.S.-backed strongman, Ali Abdullah Saleh.
    The continued (...)

  • Are Yemen’s protests going to bring another revolution?

    , by KASINOF Laura

    Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. But they appear to be pushing democratic reforms more than Tunisia-style revolution.
    Sanaa, Yemen
    Two days after Yemen’s political opposition called for a national uprising against the leadership of President Ali Abdullah (...)

  • Unhappy Yemen

    , by ALI Tariq

    I left for Yemen as Obama was insisting that ‘large chunks’ of the country were ‘not fully under government control’, after Senator Joseph Lieberman had cheerfully announced that it was a suitable target for war and occupation. The sad underwear bomber who tried to blow up the Amsterdam flight on (...)

  • The Election Yemen Was Supposed to Have

    , by JOHNSEN Gregory D.

    It was supposed to be the election that changed everything. The “90 percent presidency,” wherein the incumbent of 28 years won successive terms in office by laughably large margins, would be relegated to the past. Instead, a more credible accounting of the popular will would prove to Western (...)

  • Archive: Counter-Revolution in Yemen

    , by HALLIDAY Fred

    The September 1962 revolution in the Yemen transformed it from an isolated and archaic survival from the Middle Ages which even imperialism was content to let slumber, into the fulcrum of the liberation struggle in the Arabian peninsula throughout the ensuing decade. The embattled Yemeni (...)