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  • Israell & the West Bank: The Settlement Industry

    , by WALTERS Jonah

    For Israeli settlements in the West Bank, exploiting Palestinian life is a billion dollar industry.
    Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank are becoming a liability.
    Even officials in the United States have started to question Israeli settlement activity, inviting backlash from Zionists (...)

  • The Palestinian Capitalists That Have Gone Too Far

    , by DANA Tariq

    Overview: While most Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are struggling to survive, a powerful group of Palestinian capitalists is thriving and growing in political, economic and social influence. The cost, all too often, is their engagement in economic normalization projects. In other (...)

  • Post Zionist Israel: The Rules Have Changed

    , by ADIV Assaf

    Adapted from a paper discussed at the annual seminar of the Organization for Democratic Action, October 2007.
    DURING the past thirty years, but especially in the last decade, Israel has undergone major economic change. Ownership of the economy has shifted from the State and the Histadrut (the (...)