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  • Mariátegui’s Heroic Socialism

    , by ALLEN Nicolas , LÖWY Michael

    José Carlos Mariátegui was Latin America’s most original Marxist. And his work is strikingly relevant for confronting the continent’s right-wing backlash today.
    Latin America’s first, most original Marxist thinker was born on June 14, 1894, in Peru’s southern department of Moquegua. José Carlos (...)

  • Bookchin’s Revolutionary Program

    , by BIEHL Janet

    The lifelong project of Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) was to try to perpetuate the centuries-old revolutionary socialist tradition by renovating it for the current era. Confronted with the failure of Marxism after World War II, many, perhaps most radical socialists of his generation abandoned the (...)

  • Women in lead at London Marxism conference

    , by RIDDELL John

    The tenth annual Historical Materialism conference , held in London November 7–10, was younger and more diverse in composition than its predecessors. Probably the world’s leading gathering of Marxist theorists, the conference, this year entitled “Making the World Working Class,” welcomed 880 (...)

  • Permanent Revolution: Past and Future

    , by LE BLANC Paul

    Michael Löwy. The Politics of Combined and Uneven Development: The Theory of Permanent Revolution (Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2010), 162 pages including index. $15.00 paperback.
    Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido, eds. Witnesses to Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record (Leiden, Netherlands: (...)

  • James Petras M.I.A

    , by AJL Max

    Book Review: Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power by James Petras.
    James Petras has been cloned. Petras I is still reliable, if a bit creaky in his old age. He digs for information in Chapare, Chiapas, and elsewhere in the Latin American countryside, interviewing militants from the (...)

  • Eric Hobsbawm, Marx & Marxism: Indomitable

    , by EAGLETON Terry

    • How to Change the World: Marx and Marxism 1840-2011 by Eric Hobsbawm Little, Brown, 470 pp, £25.00, January 2011, ISBN 978 1 4087 0287 1.
    In 1976, a good many people in the West thought that Marxism had a reasonable case to argue. By 1986, most of them no longer felt that way. What had (...)

  • The NS Profile: Ralph Miliband

    , by DERBYSHIRE Jonathan

    Ralph Miliband, father of the Labour leadership rivals David and Ed, is remembered as a great teacher and an inspiration to young socialists. So which son is his true heir?
    During a recent televised debate, the five candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party were asked to name their (...)

  • The powers of communism

    , by BENSAÏD Daniel

    This essay was probably among the last written by Daniel Bensaïd. It appears in the latest issue of ContreTemps, the journal where Daniel was one of three publishing editors. The piece is a contribution to a series of essays on the meaning of communism put together as part of a symposium on the (...)

  • GA “Jerry” Cohen (1941-2009)

    , by CALLINICOS Alex

    This has been a bad summer for left wing intellectuals. The radical political economists Giovanni Arrighi and Peter Gowan died within a few days of one another in June. And then last week the socialist philosopher GA “Jerry” Cohen died suddenly at the age of 68.
    Jerry is best known for his (...)

  • Biography: About Walden Bello

    , by Collective

    Biography taken from the website “” July 30, 2008.
    Walden Bello, senior analyst of Focus on the Global South and professor of sociology at the University of the Philippines, is one of the leading critics of the current model of economic globalisation, combining the (...)

  • The Labor Aristocracy Myth

    , by POST Charles

    THE PERSISTENCE OF reformism and outright conservatism among workers, especially in the imperialist centers of North America, Western Europe and Japan, has long confounded revolutionary socialists. The broadest outlines of Marxist theory tell us that capitalism creates it own “gravediggers” - a (...)

  • Interview with Paul LeBlanc

    , by LE BLANC Paul, YATES Michael D.

    Paul LeBlanc is what I have called an “organic intellectual,” a scholar and activist who has risen directly out of the working class. Paul is the author of many books, including A Short History of the U.S. Working Class (Humanity Books, 1999) and Black Liberation and the American Dream (Humanity (...)