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  • Tibet and China: the past in the present

    , by TSERING Shakya

    China’s official commemoration of its “liberation” of Tibet in 1959 is underpinned by a colonial vision that denies Tibetan voice and agency, says Tsering Shakya.
    The Chinese government proclaimed in January 2009 that for the first time a festival called “Serf Liberation Day” is to be celebrated (...)

  • China clampdown in Tibet

    , by AFP, AP

    ’Strike hard’ drive ahead of politically sensitive anniversary sees 81 detained
    BEIJING: China’s police have launched a security sweep in Tibet’s capital Lhasa, ahead of the politically sensitive anniversary of a crushed uprising against Chinese rule 50 years ago.
    The Public Security Bureau of (...)

  • China, Tibet and the left

    , by HORE Charlie

    The riots and protests in Tibet earlier this year were the most significant since China’s takeover in the 1950s. Together with the protests that have accompanied the Olympic torch relay around the world, they have shown that Tibetan nationalism remains a potent force and that opposition to the (...)

  • Thunder from Tibet

    , by BARNETT Robert

    Review of The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama by Pico Iyer, Knopf, 275 pp., $24.00.
    Every so often, between the time a book leaves its publisher and the time it reaches its readers, events occur that change the ways it can be read. Such is the case with Pico (...)

  • The Gulf Between Tibet and Its Exiles

    , by TSERING Shakya

    Two recent articles concerning the unrest in Tibet purport to prove that the March unrest in Tibet was the result of foreign instigation. As a result, they have since been heavily featured in official Chinese news media, including CCTV, as well as on the Internet. This episode tells us much (...)

  • Let the Tibetans decide their future

    , by NICHOLS Dick

    The protests and arrests in Lhasa and the demonstrations and counter-demonstrations around the Olympic torch relay has re-focused the world on the plight of Tibetans. This has, in turn, sparked a debate on the left about whether the Tibetan struggle is a just one, or not what it seems.
    The (...)

  • Pro-Tibet protests grow — why Tibet deserves justice

    , by ILTIS Tony

    ACT police have been given enhanced stop-and-search powers for dealing with protests planned for the Canberra leg of the global Olympic torch relay on April 24. This comes as protests by the Tibetan diaspora and their supporters have turned the torch’s world tour into a public relations disaster (...)

  • No Shangri-La

    , by ZIZEK Slavoj

    The media imposes certain stories on us, and the one about Tibet goes like this. The People’s Republic of China, which, back in 1949, illegally occupied Tibet, has for decades engaged in the brutal and systematic destruction not only of the Tibetan religion, but of the Tibetans themselves. (...)

  • Tibet: The Olympic flame is extinguished in Paris!

    , by ROUSSET Pierre

    April 8, 2008 — Under the pressure of demonstrators coming to defend the rights of the Tibetan people, the passage of the Olympic torch in Paris on April 7 became particularly chaotic. The Olympic symbol was placed under high protection from 3000 police officers. But Reporters without Borders (...)

  • “Not You! You!!!” – Tibet and Palestine

    , by AVNERY Uri

    “Hey! Take your hands off me! Not you! You!!!”—the voice of a young woman in the darkened cinema, an old joke.
    “Hey! Take your hands off Tibet!” the international chorus is crying out, “But not from Chechnya! Not from the Basque homeland! And certainly not from Palestine!” And that is not a joke.
    * (...)

  • Australia: Crowds show solidarity with Tibetan people

    , by McILROY Jim

    As part of a global day of action in solidarity with Tibetan protesters, 65 actions took place across Australia on March 31.
    In Brisbane, Australian Democrats senator Andrew Bartlett addressed a rally of around 200 people. “Australia, a country that calls itself democratic, has a duty to speak (...)

  • The Tibetan and Uighur struggles for justice

    , by ILTIS Tony

    Chinese authorities had detained more than 1000 Tibetans by April 3 in the wake of protests and riots calling for self-determination that started on March 10, the BBC reported on April 4.
    According to Tibetan sources, 140 protesters have been shot by police and troops. The Chinese government (...)

  • Phüntso Wangye - The tragedy of Tibet’s first Communist

    , by NEWMAN Andy

    In 1979 an article entitled ‘The Twentieth-Century Bastille’ appeared in a Chinese dissident magazine. It described the fate of two Tibetan prisoners, the founder of the Tibetan Communist Party, Phüntso Wangye, and his close ally Ngawang Kesang, who were languishing in Beijing’s Qingchen Number (...)

  • Stop the bloodshed — freedom for Tibet!

    , by ILTIS Tony

    A demonstration by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, on March 10 to commemorate the anniversary of China’s crushing of the Tibetan independence movement in 1959 triggered protests for self-determination that, by March 14, had escalated into anti-Chinese riots in which 19 people were (...)

  • For the right to self-determination of the Tibetan people

    , by ROUSSET Pierre

    The Chinese army has Tibet and its provinces under tight control. The repression of the "rioters’’ who have descended into the streets these last two weeks has been severe. Solidarity and the effective recognition of the right of the Tibetan people to self-determination is urgent.
    Some on the (...)