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  • A view from the Left on the situation in Bangladesh

    , by ALAM Badrul

    Badrul Alam, a member of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist), an observer section of the Fourth International, spoke to Solidarity [Great Britain] about the political crisis in that country and its implications for working-class politics.
    The Awami League and the Bangladeshi (...)

  • The Left and Social-Movement Struggles in Bangladesh

    , by SABAI Danielle

    Bangladesh, (East Bengal before its independence in 1971) is a country with a strong tradition of struggle. Struggles of workers and peasants have always been very widespread and combative there and the Left, although weak and divided, remains powerful, with considerable mass support.
    The (...)

  • Left Movement in Bangladesh and CPB (M-L)

    , by GOLDER Pathak Lal

    Presentation made by Pathak Lal Golder at the French New Anticapitalist Party (NPA)’s summer university in Port Leucate (August 2011).
    Bangladesh (previously the East Pakistan) is especially known in the history of revolutionary movements in Indian sub-continent. A lot of (...)

  • Bangladesh: Activists face oil company, state repression

    , by Collective

    The article below is an open letter issued by “Concerned Teachers, Students, Writers, Artists, and Activists Around the World”. It is abridged from Mrzine.
    On September 2, the members of a nationwide alliance in Banladesh — the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and (...)

  • On The Workers Party of Bangladesh

    , by HUQ Saifu

    Comrade Saiful Huq, General Secretary of the Workers Party of Bangladesh, attended the entire Congress [of the CPIML “Liberation” in India ] along with a delegation comprising Nasiruddin Ahmed Nasu (Politburo [PB] Member), Abdus Salam (PB Member), Bahnishikha Jamali (Central Committee Member), (...)