Call for financial solidarity for the victims of the recent earthquake in Sulawesi (Indonesia) Solidarity extends to places hit by the new Sunda Strait tsunami

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On 28th September 2018, the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 followed by a devastating tsunami. An ESSF partner organization quickly mobilized to contribute to the relief work. It needs our help to broaden its action and pursue it in the long term.

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We are collaborating in Indonesia with the Perempuan Mahardhika (Free Women) movement, which works in an industrial zone in northern Jakarta among women workers who face sexual violence and the non-recognition of their rights, particularly in the area of maternity.

This movement is present in the province of Central Sulawesi where one of its close collaborators, a student, died during the disaster. In the initial phase of their intervention, their are distributing basic food and daily needs to the regions that are not a priority of the government. Students from the Popular Student Federation (FMK) are especially active.

An undersea landslide caused a tsunami that devastated the lower parts of the coast. The earthquake also hit hard inside the country. A phenomenon of “liquefaction” of the soil, transformed into a mixture of water and mud, aggravated the disaster. In areas of easy access, the incident has, according to provisional figures, probably exceeded more than 2000 officially recorded deaths and some 5000 missing persons whom the authorities consider dead. At least 200,000 people were short of food, drinking water, fuel, medicine, tents ... Victims have mostly lost everything and depend on help to survive. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 1.5 million people have been affected.

The Indonesian government has refused aid from foreign organisations.

On this island, there have been violent conflicts between Christians and Islamic conservatives in the past, with religious extremists on both sides. Such conflicts can be revived in humanitarian disaster situations.

The intervention of progressive networks is therefore particularly important. For the aid to be effectively distributed to the most needy. So that the population can organize itself and not remain under tutelage. For solidarity to prevail over possible communitarian divisions. So that reconstruction does not happen at the expense of the poor, as is so often the case.

ESSF is initially sending 3000 € taken from its permanent solidarity fund.

Pierre Rousset

Concrete information: active posts with the Popular Student Federation (FMK)

Posko FMK in Palu

There are 4-priority target areas of the Posko (posts), which are : (1) Balaesang sub-district, in Lombonga Village and Sibayu Village. (2) Balaesang Tanjung sub-district, in the village of Walandano and village of Malei. (3) sub-district of Sirenja, in the village of Sibado. (4) Sindue sub-district in Sikara village.

The entire sub-district is located in Donggala district.

The forms of activities that have been carried out include: logistics distribution, the needs of women and children, the establishment of public kitchens and emergency places of worship in Lombonga Village, and the distribution of appropriate clothing to be used in Lombonga, Sibayu and Sikara villages.

The above were activities carried out in October.

Furthermore, in planning this November, in addition to the logistics distribution, the Post will also organize empowerment activities such as the creation of children’s playgrounds and the promotion of reproductive health. However, due to limited resources, this community activity will only be carried out in Lombonga Village with a total of 152 family.

 Sunda Strait tsunami

ESSF partner association is also present in regions hit by December 22, 2018 tsunami in the Sunda Strait. We have received the following news:

"At present the alert status of Anak Krakatau’s mountain eruption has been set as Alert Level III. So that areas close to the shoreline such as Labuan, Anyer, Tanjung Lesung, Carita and surrounding areas have been vacated. This has caused an increase in the number of refugees to safe points for evacuation such as hills and areas far from the coast. The emergency need for refugees now is the availability of healthy food and clean clothes.

See on ESSF (article 47337), Sunada Strait (Indonesia): Mount Anak Krakatau Status Raised to Alert Level III.

Perempuan Mahardhika have a network in Serang and Pandeglang Regencies. We will help solidarity funds collected through the ESSF to channel to locations that manage public kitchens.

The criteria for public kitchens that will be the target of the distribution of solidarity funds are public kitchens located far from the fluctuations of the tsunami conditions by reasoning (1) the potential for repetition does not interfere with the activities of public kitchens, and (2) to involve more people from the scene. so that it can foster a sense of shared solidarity to deal with the impact of this tsunami."

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